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Several years ago, after I had been made redundant from my job and while I was looking around for a suitable business to become involved in, to bring in a little money to help pay the bills I decided to offer massage to people in the security of their own homes. I was offering a straight relaxation or therapeutic massage, and was usually able to filter out the calls for more erotic massage, always from men, and usually wanting a relief massage. Occasionally I failed to screen out these types of guys, and as a result when the dollars on offer made it worthwhile, I would sometimes end up giving a guy a massage nude, culminating with me wanking him off while he either played with my dick or sucked me off.

Less frequently, I would get an out call from women wanting a massage, and on the rare occasion that they wanted me to strip for the massage, I was generally happy to oblige. Despite my almost inevitable arousal, my nakedness seemed to do no more than to titillate them and increase their enjoyment of the massage, although a few indicated by parting their thighs as my fingers worked closer, that they would welcome a massage of a more intimate nature, and again I was happy to oblige. But when I attended an appointment in Oriental Bay one afternoon I had no sense that this would be other than a routine massage session.
In answer to my ring on the doorbell, the door was opened by a fairly typical woman client, late thirties, tidy appearance and no more than a little plump.

In response to my query, she indicated that that I should set up my hired massage table in what appeared to be a guest bedroom. As I was doing so she turned on the wall lights, drew all the curtains and then left the room. I had just finished setting up the table when she returned, wearing a towel she held together above her breasts. She asked if I wanted her naked, and at my confirmation of this she released the towel to reveal full white breasts overflowing an attractive white lacy bra, and a rounded arse and hips barely covered by lacy white panties which accentuated a prominent pubic mound with a crease clearly delineated by the tightness of the silky scrap as it passed between her thighs.

As I stripped off my trainers and tracksuit, leaving me in tee-shirt and running shorts, I watched her remove with deliberate slowness first her bra, and then her tiny panties. Her full breasts sagged only slightly without the support of her bra. Tossing it aside she cupped her breasts in both hands, rubbing over and under them as if in relief at being released from her bra, yet I was sure from the way she watched me carefully that it was a show for my benefit. Knowing she had my full attention she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties to push them down her hips, watching my face intently as the tiny scrap of silk peeled from her mound to reveal a peach-smooth, shaven pussy.

My cock twitched, swelling at the sight of her hairless mound split by the dark shadow of her vaginal crease. Stepping out of her panties she straightened, giving me a full frontal, and suggested that I might feel more comfortable if I was undressed as well. Nodding assent I pulled my tee-shirt over my head. Aware that my cock was slowly continuing to rise I turned away to conceal my growing erection as I stepped out of my shorts, but I could tell by her little smile of satisfaction that by my action I had confirmed to her the effect she was having on me.

When I turned back she was climbing onto the table, her every movement seeming to accentuate her lush nakedness, as with deliberate slowness she arranged her limbs to ensure that I had a clear view of each and all of her charms before she lowered herself to lie prone on the table.

Never before had I had such a deliberately provocative display from a client, and I knew that this would be no ordinary massage session. As a result, as soon as I began the massage, I took care to ensure that every now and then my erection would brush against her wherever I was working on her; actions which she made easier by moving her arms and legs to the very edge of the table. Consequently I ensured that much of the time I was working on her back I was close to her hands, and I would periodically manoeuvre my erection to where she could hold it and stroke it, before I would teasingly move away, pulling it from her grasp.

The effect on her of this game was demonstrated by the flush which slowly suffused her full body and her gradually increasingly heavy breathing. When I moved down and began to massage the backs of her thighs she spread her legs, and although I massaged down the insides of her thighs close up to the lips of her pussy, now swollen in her excitement, I deliberately avoided touching them even though she raised her hips to meet my hands.

It was almost inevitable that by the time I asked her to turn onto her back, her frustration would get the better of her, and as she quickly scrambled to follow my request she grabbed my cock firmly in one hand, pulling me closer as she urged me to play with her breasts. Pulled to the edge of the table to where she could swallow my cock and begin sucking enthusiastically and expertly, I covered her breasts with a generous quantity of oil and began to knead them, enjoying the feel of her slippery, ample breasts rolling and sliding beneath my hands.

Cupping her breasts, I slid my fingers to her large, engorged nipples, rolling and pinching them firmly. With a groan she pulled her mouth from my cock, grabbing my hips and urging me to stand at the head of the table, at the same time wriggling her full body up the table until her head was clear of the edge. Dropping her head back she pulled me closer and took my cock into her mouth once more, holding my hips firmly in both hands, and slowly pulling me ever closer as she swallowed to take more of my length inside her mouth.

I could feel her throat working on first my swollen knob, and then my shaft, as she gradually worked my shaft deeper inside her. Finally I was buried deep in her throat with her lips clamped around the base of my cock and my shaved balls nestling on her nostrils. Still gripping me firmly, her hands urged my hips back and forth, at first with short movements but increasingly growing longer as her throat adjusted to my thickness. Once I was fucking her mouth with short strokes and a steady rhythm that suited her, she took her hands from my hips, cupping my balls in one hand. I took a hand from one of her breasts, reaching for her clitoris, but she grabbed my hand and clamped it back on her breast. As I resumed rolling and tugging her nipples she reached her free hand to her crotch and began to frig herself.

The unique aspects of what I had anticipated would be a routine massage were so stimulating that I could not hold my excitement in check, and all too soon I had to warn her that I was about to cum. I response she grabbed my hips once more to pull me close, and again I could feel her throat working on my shaft as she swallowed the generous libation of hot spunk I poured down her throat.

She kept sucking me until I pulled away to move swiftly to the bottom of the table, grasping her thighs in both hands to pull her down the table towards me until her hips were just clear of the edge. Dropping to my knees I lifted her thighs over my shoulders and leant forward to bury my face in her crotch. Her pussy was now wet and open, and I thrust my tongue deep inside before sliding my mouth up to lick and suck her swollen clit. I alternated between licking her clit and tonguing the depths of her pussy and asshole. She began to moan and shiver, her hips twitching, then with a groan she grabbed the hair at the back of my head, mashing my face into her crotch as her hips bucked against me, her thighs clamping around my head as she climaxed noisily.

I waited until her frantic movements slowed and then stilled, and her thighs relaxed and fell back on to my shoulders. Lifting her legs from me I stood between her spread thighs, covering her mound with my left hand, my thumb and ring fingers spreading her pussy lips obscenely to expose her swollen and red clit.

I insinuated first two, and then a third finger of my right hand into her sopping pussy, and began to pump them in and out, at the same time rubbing the first two fingers of my other hand over her exposed clit. I quickly built up the rhythm of both hands, finger-fucking her vigorously as I firmly massaged her clit in pace with my thrusting fingers. This time as her climax hit, I dropped my elbows to keep her thighs spread, thrusting even faster.

She screamed loudly, her cries dropping to moans as I slowed the movements of both hands. As I stopped she sat up, almost falling from the table to push me to the floor, straddling me and feeding my erect cock up her pussy before settling firmly over my hips. Mounted on my cock she began to shuttle her hips back and forth over mine with rapid horizontal movements that grew so vigorous I wondered whether it was possible for my cock to break off.

Her breasts flew and bounced increasingly wildly as the movements of her loins grew, and I had momentary difficulty in reaching up to grasp them so that I could go to work on her big nipples once more.

She began gasping, then moaning, the movements of her hips slowing as she ground down on me ever harder, then she groaned loudly, and I felt her pussy tighten on me, her pelvic floor muscles pushed down on me and a brief jet of her piss washed over the base of my cock as she came for a third time. Without giving her time to recover I pushed myself from the floor to roll over her, reaching under her thighs to raise and spread them as I plunged deep into her. Our hips and bellies, wet with a blend of sweat, love juices and piss, slapped together noisily as she rose to meet my thrusts.

Having already cum I was able to enjoy a long and vigorous ride, her legs over my shoulders and around my neck for much of the time. Finally, feeling my climax approaching, I dropped her legs and pulled out of her, urging her to roll over onto her knees. She scrambled to comply, pushing her hips back at me in an obvious invitation.

Guiding my cock to her pussy I thrust back into her, reaching under her to grasp her swinging breasts, squeezing her nipples tightly in a rolling grip, pulling them back towards her waist as I spurred my cock ever deeper into her with long and powerful thrusts.

Squealing as she climaxed, she shrieked out to me to let go. With a roar I slammed into her, tugging even harder on her breasts as my cock twitched and jerked inside her, jetting a second load of spunk into her.

After we had regained our senses, showered and dressed, and enjoyed a cold fruit juice, I rather shakily dismantled the massage table and packed my gear in the car. I was gratified to find when I got home that an extra hundred dollars was folded into my fee. Needless to say, on subsequent visits I neither expected nor received payment, but then, neither did I give her a massage on those visits!

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