Coed Hookers

My name is Jessica and this story is about one of my many encounters “hooking” to put myself through college. Being a coed hookers has become rather exciting work and it pays really well too. I’ve become accustomed to “dating” lots of different guys and I find that the variety keeps the sex really hot.

This story is about the time Rob (a friend of mine from school) set me up with some out of town business friends of his. He arranged a gangbang with 5 guys at his house. They wanted “bareback” service, which I normally won’t do, but this time I knew that these men were pretty safe and they knew that I was particular who I’d let do me. So I agreed to have unprotected sex with him and his friends.

I arrived at Rob’s place that Saturday evening at the specified time and Rob was outside waiting for me. I liked that he looked nervous because so was I. I had butterflies like monarchs fluttering in my stomach as I walked up the drive from my car. I noticed one of the other men looking at me from the front door, he was handsome and looked like he’d be an interesting sex.

As I walked up to Rob we kissed and he thanked me for coming. I said jokingly, “Don’t thank me yet Rob, actually no one has “cum” yet, but I’m looking forward to making that happen.” We both laughed nervously as we turned to go inside.

We didn’t take long to get to know each other. I sat down on the couch as Rob introduced each man to me. The handsome guy who’d been standing at the door sat down next to me and without hesitation I leaned over him and unzipped the fly of his slacks and fished his average sized weenie out and began to play with it.

I was enjoying the effect this was having on all the other men in the room. Then to my surprise and delight the Spanish looking guy whose name was Carlos knelt down in front of me and started to pull my dress up. It didn’t take long before the room was full of exposed cocks, as my Latin lover pulled my silk panties to one side, inspecting the wares.

This was great; I could see that all of these good- looking males were more than ready for me. I could smell that male sex odor that always fills the air when I’m with a group of men. God, I loved that smell!

My Latin hunk slipped my skirt off and began to finger me. I wasn’t going to let him control the situation so even though I liked what he was doing I told all the guys to sit in a row on the couch and started to suck their stiff cocks one after the other.

I’d take a swig of ice water and then go down on one, then another. I was enjoying their moans and groans of pleasure. Here I was with five cocks and five sets of balls all full of hot male cum waiting just for me. Yes, this was going to be fun.

As I was humming Rob’s handsome friend Billy, my Latin lover came around behind me and began to rub his slick cock back and forth between my dripping pussy lips. I could feel his cock just slipping into the folds of my pussy, but not enough to give me any real satisfaction.

Just as I was about to pull my lips off of Bill’s throbbing cock and tell this guy to either fuck me or let someone else do it, he repositioned himself and plunged his pussy-juice coated dick into my butt. It was a shock at first. I’d done anal may times but usually I’d get pussy-fucked first. (I guess it was the fact that he was foreign that he’d done it differently.)

It didn’t take long for my full body to adjust to his thrusts, and I began to suck on Billy’s cock in time with Carlo’s butt-fucking. I was in heaven as I eyed these men’s hungry expressions as they watched me getting two of my opening plugged at once.

Carlos really knew how to do his part. The more inexperienced guy will just fuck a girl’s butt without worrying about lubrication and consequently things begin to hurt fairly soon. But Carlos expertly kept up his fingering of my cunt as he fucked my butt. He’d rub his slick coated fingers up around his thrusting cock from time to time to keep us lubed up. I was really enjoying this.

Apparently Rob couldn’t take it any longer and pulled me over to him. But as my mouth popped off of Billy’s wet cock he let his load go. We all watched as his come flew out in an impossibly long arc to plop onto Rob’s living room carpet.

Frantically, I pulled away from Rob’s grasp and covered Billy’s spurting dick with my mouth again and drank his essence as eagerly as if it were champagne. I love it when men come in my mouth; I’ve become quite a coinsure of men’s come in my line of work.

Billy groaned in ecstasy as he felt me sucking the last of his come from him. Rob on the other hand was becoming impatient. Almost before I was decently done with Billy he pulled me to himself again. This time he pulled me over onto his body with Carlos following me still plugging into me from behind.

Soon I found myself being pussy-fucked as well as butt- fucked. Rob was doing me from the bottom of the heap and Carlos was about ready to empty himself from atop my back. I could hear his grunts beginning to get louder as he thrust faster.

I was lost to the sensations of two men fucking me at once and was enjoying the looks on the other men’s faces standing around as they watched me being fucked like a wanton whore. I beckoned another of the young executives over and tried my best to suck him while my two lovers thrust away eagerly in me.

Watching me suck on the new guy and the wonderful friction of my tight little asshole must have been too much for Carlos. He came deep in my bowels as he grunted and groaned, he thrust one more time as deep as he could and held himself balls-deep in me and came and came as Rob thrust underneath me. I was truly in heaven.

Then without a word the guy I’d been sucking on let his load go in my mouth. It was strange to realize that I was being fed come from two different guys at the same time and from both ends to boot. I had my first happy ending of the night around Rob’s thrusting cock. My full body spasmed as he thrust and thrust into me.

I was still shivering with little after-quakes as Jon another of the young executives climbed onto of me and started butt-fucking me with zeal, while Rob was still working my pussy so nicely.

Only Jon was really well endowed. I couldn’t believe that he’d tried to enter me from behind. It HURT LIKE HELL, but at least he’d taken some vegetable oil from the kitchen and was pouring it over my butt-hole as he shoved. I could feel the cool oil as he poured it, it felt soothing.

Then he was in me and I came again. Jon was so big that there was almost no room for Rob’s cock in my pussy, my asshole was so stretched. I could feel their cock’s thumping against each other as they thrust into me in unison. The layer of flesh between their members was being rubbed rhythmically from both sides and it was driving me crazy. I lost track of where I was, of the fact that I was being paid for sex and just enjoyed the wonderfully unique feelings that these two men were giving me.

It almost became a game, or maybe a challenge to both men. They kept up their thrusts like there was no tomorrow, they were like machines. I had happy endings over and over. I’d cum and then when I was done, one of them would shift their position and I’d get shoved into from a different angle and start cumming all over again.

They kept up their fucking motions for much longer than I would have imagined possible. If this fuck felt half as good to them as it did to me I was amazed that they could hold out this long. I must have 10 happy endings at least, and I was fast becoming exhausted.

Then it happened. Rob grunted and I felt his full body shudder underneath me. Then I heard Jon exhale and he slumped onto my back and came in huge wet gushes. I could feel hot cum seeping out of me and down the inside of my thighs as both men came in bucket loads.

I was so content, yes, almost happy. This had started out being the best fuck session a professional could imagine having. I mean I’d had many a “party” in the past, but these guys were something special, and so sexy too.

We spent the rest of the evening playing all sorts of sex-games and I think I can safely say that I fucked every man in the room at least 5 times. And I got to taste a whole range of their come during the evening.

That night will stay in my memory for the rest of my life. I mean what other job can pay the bills and give SO much pleasure at the same time. That night I made $1500 with tips and had some fucking great sex that most women can only dream about.

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