Five dollars for her services

I saw her on the hookers street, looked at her.  I grabbed her arm and told her that I’d give her five dollars to fuck her. She started to protest, and I squeezed her arm tight. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. Then her expression softened as if she knew I wasn’t the type who’d hurt it.

“Ok,” she nodded her head resignedly. “Five dollars is ok. We can go to my hotel room; it’s right around the corner. First floor.”

“Let’s go,” I said.

As she walked I held onto her arm but didn’t squeeze it. We passed a bodega, and I thought I’d die of embarrassment walking with this haggard figure. One could tell that she had to have been hot once upon a time, way back when. But now she was a horrid sight in her pancake makeup and tattered dress. But her sad, sorry appearance just made me want to fuck her even more.

“This is it,” she said as we came upon a borderline-slum cheap hotel.

She opened the front door and led me to her hotel room on the right. As we got inside I stuck out a $5 bill in her direction. She took it eagerly and thanked me. Then I grabbed her hard and pushed her down over the kitchen table.

I dropped my pants and lifted her dress and started in on her in a flurry. As I began jamming her, her reaction amused me. Although I was content with her just leaning there and taking it, she seemed to want to do more. She started trying to get in rhythm with me, like our transaction required her to do more than just be my fuck-doll. It seemed she had a kind of pride in her work, a kind of dedication to her craft. It seemed she felt obligated to give the customer his money’s worth (even when the customer had demanded an absurdly low rate).

It took her a minute or so of tilting and bending and just overall readjusting, but she was finally to get herself into the groove, where her full body gyrated in time with mine. She moaned a little and then a lot, as I just kept pumping away at a brisk pace. My hands eventually left her hips and made their way up to her tits, grabbing at her swollen nipples and making her yelp.

Our bodies were working well together and starting to mesh. Her pussy seemed to relax and become one with my dick, increasing my pleasure and, from the sound of her squealing, increasing hers too. Slicker and slicker she got, as I rammed away with impunity. A time or two my dick slipped out, and she cried with pleasure/pain as I stuck it back in.

She’d bend over further and widen her legs more; then she’d try to straighten up. Then she’d lift her head to the sky; then she’d tuck it down to her chest. Then she’d shift to one side; then she’d shift to the other. All the while she was panting like a jungle cat in between her moans, her screams, and her Oh God’s.

I was really starting to dig this chick despite her age and her profession and her appearance. She was a sweet lady and a hard worker. I had over $100 in my wallet, and while I was fucking her I decided that I would give her at least $20 when we were through. Yes. Yes, she deserved at least that much for her services.

I got my mind back on what we were doing, and soon we started reaching higher heights. My dick was now turning totally numb, but not in a negative way. It was just that I had reached that point where it was totally on auto-pilot – that point where you know you can fuck all day without cumming, if that’s what you prefer. But I didn’t prefer that.

I wanted to cum. I wanted to release all that was building up in me. I wanted to get that out. I wanted that cherry on top. I grabbed her closer to me and sped up my strokes. I shortened them and then elongated them and kept switching back and forth, relaxing my pelvis and ass. She knew the happy ending was near, and her vocalizations became downright animalistic.

I wish I had a tape-recorder, because I’d never heard anything like it before. Her pitch got high and her pitch got low, but each way it had the same guttural, inhuman sound. She also started shaking her head from side to side like she was having some kind of fit. Then it was her shoulders going front and back, like she was convulsing. Finally her hips joined in the act, and it began to look as if she was doing the merengue or something.

Then as I felt that first twinge of cum ascending through my balls, she literally started howling. As I continued to pump her, the cum started its course through my penis, and I myself yelled as I prepared for its exit. There was that slight pause – you know, that little hiccup just before the release, where you see everything in slow motion and are more cognizant of being alive than at any other time – and then, with a howl of my own, I hit the height of pleasure and deposited my seed in that old, but sweet, pussy.

A few more pumps, and a lot of heavy breathing, and I was done. I took my dick out and pulled up my pants. She stayed bent over on the table with her dress hiked up. I tucked in my shirt and zipped my pants and walked towards the door. She stood upright, though kind of shakily, and still facing the other way, she pulled her dress down. She dropped her head towards the floor and waited for me to leave, like they all do…

And that’s what I did. I didn’t say goodbye. And I sure as hell didn’t give her that $20. I just left and headed towards the subway.

But, who knows. Maybe I’ll go back. Maybe someday. And if I do, I’ll give her what she’s worth for her services. She was one of those cheap hookers, but she deserved more.

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