Hotel Experience

My job now seems to entail me staying away most weeks. Recently, I stayed at a cheap hotel, not so far from Dartford Crossing. I managed to get to the hotel early, about 4:30pm. I checked in but before I went to my room I recently fancied a nice, cold beer. The bar was empty apart from the lovely young girl filling the bottle fridge. She came over and asked what I wanted. “A pint of Kronenberg, please,” I replied. She fetched a glass and began to fill it. I couldn’t help but notice her flawless skin and perfect body. Her breasts were full and heavy but in perfect proportion to her slender full body. She put the glass on the bar and charged it to my room.

Natalie didn’t look happy. I know her name was Natalie because she had her name badge covering her right breast. “Cheer up,” I said, “it may never happen.”
“It already has,” she replied, “my car needs a new clutch and I just can’t afford it. Trouble is I need it to get to college and work.”
“Oh dear, how much is it going to cost?” I asked.
“About a hundred and fifty pounds,” she said with a big sigh.
I finished my beer and as I left, I said, “Are you here later? I’ll be down for a meal in the restaurant about 7:30.”
“Yes, I finish at 9 tonight.”
“Let’s talk about your problem later, I may have a solution.” She looked puzzled as I got in the lift but she did manage a sultry smile.

Having had a long deep bath and a fresh change of clothes, I arrived at the restaurant just before half past seven. I could see Natalie at the bar and she came over.

“Table for one is it, sir?” she laughed.
“Please,” I replied. She showed me to a small table in the corner and gave me the menu.
“Can I get you a drink while you’re deciding?”
“A bottle of Merlot, please,” I said as she walked off, wiggling her tight little ass. She returned with the wine, and poured me a glass to taste. It was wonderful.
She took my food order for a rare steak and salad and then asked, “What did you mean by you may have a solution to my problem?”
“Well, I have a problem ,too, so maybe we help each other…”

She looked puzzled once again but went off to the kitchen with my order. The restaurant was very quiet and when she brought my meal, I beckoned her to sit at the table with me. I poured her a small glass of wine and she turned away to drink it so that she wouldn’t be seen.

“Look,” I said, “I’ll get straight to the point: you need cash to fix your car and I need a good fuck.”
She sat back in her seat, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “Wow, that was direct! What makes you think I would be interested in your proposal?” I took her hand and slid it under the table to where I had unzipped my erect cock. I placed it on my shaft and closed her hand around it.
“Mmmmm, well I may be interested in your offer but let me think for a minute.” She looked around and as there was no one else there she started to wank me off.
“Whoa, girl,” I said, “save it till later.” But she continued jerking me up and down. I rubbed her leg and eased up to her pussy area, but by the time I started rubbing her my spunk had shot all in her hand and made a right mess on my trousers.
“Oh dear Sir, shall I get you a napkin? You seem to have spilled something on your lap,” she laughed.

The dirty little bitch passed me a napkin, wiped her hands, and went off to the bar. I finished my meal, polished off the rest of the wine, and–having cleaned up my sperm-covered trousers as best I could–went to the bar to see Natalie. She wasn’t there! It was a young guy now.

“Where’s Natalie?” I asked him.
“Just finished, sir. She only works until 9.”
“Bollocks,” I said to myself as I made my way back to my room. Still I got a hand job for nothing.

I put the card in the door lock and went back in my room. I was sure I had left the bedside light on but it was off. I turned the main room light on and blinked in disbelief. There was Natalie as naked as the day she was born laying on my bed. Her full body was slim and her skin perfect. Her breasts were larger than I thought and her little pussy completely shaven. Moisture was oozing from her lips.

“Fuck me! that is some body you have there,” I told her.
“Listen, my dad is picking me up at 10, so if you want to fuck I suggest you get those clothes off and get on with it.”

I needed no further words and quickly stripped. The sight of this luscious girl naked on my bed was all it took to make my cock solid once again. She beckoned me over and I offered it to her mouth. She sucked so softly, but expertly. Her  mouth was hot and very wet, she moaned as she pleasured my engorged helmet. I slipped a finger inside her lips and pushed it up inside her tight little cunt. She winced as I went all the way in. Her clitty soon stood to attention, though, and I began to frig it fast. It took her no time to orgasm and I had to put my hand over her mouth as she was very vocal for such a young woman. My cock was once again on fire and I withdrew from her mouth. I eased her legs apart and pushed them back, climbing between and easing my sticky pre-cum covered penis all the way up her pussy. For a young one she managed to take all seven inches quite well. I think the thickness caused her  a bit of pain, but I was gentle and she was soaking wet so eventually I was able to start to fuck her properly. After a few good deep thrusts she arched her back and came like hell. I had to put a pillow gently over her mouth as she was screaming the place down. Her cum lasted for ages and just as it faded away, I couldn’t control mine and started to pump my thick, salty seed inside her cunt. I splashed her womb and cervix with my spunk and she felt this and orgasmed again. I wanted to stop but just couldn’t, it felt so wonderful. I continued to pound her pussy until I was dry and she had stopped screaming.

We laid there and caught our breathe. I slowly withdrew my cock which was quickly followed by a lovely creampie. A thick river of sperm trickled out of her cunt, all down her thigh, onto the bed. I didn’t realize I had shot so much into her. I passed her a towel and she cleaned herself. I helped her up and she dressed.

“That was wonderful,” we both said at the same time and laughed. I went to my wallet and said provided my friend’s phone number.
“Callout for him. He has a garage not far from here. He will fit you a new clutch, 4 new tires and service your car–all on me. I didn’t want to give you cash, too much like a hookers thing.”
“That is so much better, you are very kind. You also have a great dick and know what to do with it. Next time you’re staying here, call out me and I will take the evening off. I must g0 now, my dad will be waiting for me.”

She kissed me, squeezed my cock and walked off down the corridor, smiling to herself no doubt.

Now, when can I get back here again…

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