Hotel seduction

I enter the dimly lit hotel room not knowing what to expect. I’m wearing business attire as my thigh high skirt shows every sexual curve. On the floor lies an arrow of rose petals which I follow back to the couch.

As I am walking towards the window, you grab me from behind. There is a moan and you place your hand over my mouth to muffle it. You then whisper in my ear, “I want to make love to you.” As you feel my full body relax, you release me and tie a blindfold on. You’re slowly unbuttoning my shirt as I am breathing heavily. You remove it while leaving my bra on, then place my hands behind my back and locking them with handcuffs. For the next couple of hours I am yours to pleasure.

You slide your hand between my legs, bringing them higher you can feel my warmth. Your other hand unzips my skirt, then you rip it from my full body leaving me in lace lingerie. I’m standing there as my pussy is getting wetter and wetter at the thought of what is to come. Minutes tick by while I am standing alone, and then there is a fierce push of you bending me over the couch. I feel your hands on my ass as you glide them towards your waist, hooking into my red lacy thong and then sliding them off me, licking, sucking and biting my ass and thighs as you go. A loud moan escapes me as you are flicking your hot tongue across my swollen cunt before you feel me shiver. Suddenly, the excitement stops.

After a few moments, I feel Champagne (not a cheap one), flowing over my ass, and then you are licking it off me. You ask, “Would you like to taste?” There is a nod and you bring me upright then kissing me deeply, chocolate swirling in our mouths. As we embrace you slide your hands on my pussy again, this time with a vibrator. I moan as the sensation takes me by surpriseand i call out your name. My hands are tugging desperately to break free, trying to find something, anything to hold onto. The clitoral stimulation is almost too much to bear. The tongue massage assault continues and now I feel your cock wedging into my crack through your pants. Shaking violently, moaning loudly the rush takes over as I cum hard. You hold me tight as I collapse onto your arms. Moaning heavily after the happy ending, you lay me back over the couch with my ass up and admire my wet dripping pussy from behind.

Clothes removed, you turn me around and grab a pair of scissors from the table nearby. Running the cold blades up my stomach there is a shiver, and you cut free the last item of clothing. I am standing in total nakedness now.

You kneel and begin kissing my navel working your way down. Soft erotic moans fill the room then one by one you put my legs on your shoulders and dive into my hot moist pussy. I gasp, breathing faster, and then you suck my clit as my thighs tighten and you keep going again. There is a shudder and you pull back as my legs grasp desperately to keep them there. My impending orgasm subsides. Then you thrust back in me burying your tongue deep into my hot wet pussy.

Screams of pleasure and callouts resonate from me, clinching of handcuffs in the background. You tongue fuck me until the inevitable happens as my thighs lock your head in place. My juices gush into your mouth and you are suffocating in the folds of my pussy. The more I cum the more you drink as it tastes so fucking sweet. You slowly release me and then I am standing. You lift my blindfold and our eyes lock for the first time tonight. I give you a lustful smile, wanting more. You kiss me deeply, passionately. I plead to have the handcuffs removed but you just bring them to the front and reattach them. You push me onto the table then place my arms around my neck. You grab the bottom of my ass and lift me onto your hard throbbing cock. I wrap my legs around your waist and as I begin bouncing you can feel my hot pussy juices flowing.

As you start fucking me faster my moans get louder and breathing is heavier and the sweat is rolling down our bodies. Eyes roll back and you can feel my cunt tightening around your hot cock. Feels so hot you can’t resist anymore. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy takes us both over.

You then turn me around and bend me over the table, pressing my tits onto the cold surface and start fucking me hard from behind. You wiggle your fingers onto my clit, rubbing me and fucking at the same time. It’s too much to bear and with one final and powerful thrust you cum deep inside me. We drop onto the table trying to catch our breath. Finally the handcuffs are removed and we kiss once more. Then I say, “it’s my turn” then walk away while my ass is swaying into the bathroom.

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