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Dawn was a loud mouthed trouble making sixteen year old girl who caused trouble where ever she went. Dawn had been thrown out of most of the shops in the town because of her shop lifting and had just been thrown out of an off licence for trying to steal some cheap cider.

Dawn was sat in the local park smoking her last cigarette and trying to think of a way to get money when she saw a magazine on the seat she was sat on, she picked the magazine up and started to read through it and stopped when she saw an advert for girls to earn five hundred plus tips per night working at a erotic massage parlour.

Dawn phoned the phone number that was in the advert and was soon heading to the erotic massage parlour in town, when she arrived she was shown to an office while waiting for the owner Tina a good friend of hers came in and told Dawn all about the job including the fact that there was sex involved and the more you did the more you got then left to go to a client, after speaking with the owner Dawn was shown to the basement where she was given a nurses type gown to wear and told not to wear anything under it, after changing Dawn went looked around she looked in one room and saw Tina giving a guy a blow job.

Dawn smiled and left, in another room she was surprised to see Tina’s sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was laying naked being pounded by a guy, Dawn left thinking now I know why they have always got money, Dawn was call out to go to a room and on arriving found Paul the son of the richest man in town sitting in a chair, Dawn hated the boy she knew he was two years younger than what she was she was about to leave again but thought of the money she knew he would have to pay three hundred pound of which she would get one hundred so stayed, Paul removed his gown Dawn saw that his dick was standing up fully erect at about six inches.

Dawn told him to lay on the bed and when he had Dawn started to massage him Dawn felt Paul’s hand start to rub her bum through the tight material of the gown thought of the money and just carried on massaging him, Dawn then felt the lower poppers on her gown get pulled open then to her horror felt Paul’s hand slide between her legs and start to rub her bare love tube, Dawn got hold of his dick and started to jerk it while Paul rubbed her love tube, after a couple of minutes Paul squirted cum in three spurts.

Not long after Paul left, the manager walked in and told Dawn that the room she was in would be her room for the night and left again. After twenty minutes the door opened and seventeen year old Asif walked in wearing just a towel he smiled at Dawn and removed the towel, Dawn saw his seven inch erection sticking up like a mini flag pole, Asif lay on the bed smiling at the loud mouthed bitch who had thrown out the shop his dad owned, Dawn started to massage Asif’s chest as she did Asif reached out got hold of the hem of her uniform and pulled, the gown opened up half way Asif pulled again the gown opened all the way, Asif sat up swung his legs round over the edge of the couch and slid Dawn’s gown leaving her naked, he then looked at Dawn’s body and said ” yeah the fucking hooker is naked look at these beautiful tits and cupped Dawn’s ample boobs and started rubbing them, Dawn reached out for Asif’s dick but could not reach it, Asif started to lick Dawn’s nipples and cat the same time was rubbing her love tube with one hand and her bum with the other, after a minute he stopped and stood up as he did Dawn felt his dick rub her leg, Asif turned Dawn pushed her back onto the couch then started to lick and suck her nipples after a few minutes he pulled Dawn forward and slid his throbbing erection into Dawn’s love tube as he did he saw Dawn’s eyes go wide, Asif started to thrust in and out of Dawn’s love tube going as hard as he could after five minutes he felt Dawn cum not long after he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over her body some hit her in the face. After five minutes Asif left and Dawn was wiping his cum off her body while in the adjoin room Tina and Amy were looking through the two way mirror knowing they could see Dawn but she could not see them, Amy was saying wow I never thought I would see her naked but seeing her naked and getting fucked was well good” Tina smiled and said ” yeah and I think the bitch might have cum” the girls carried on drinking their cheap drinks then Tina said ” I have call out Mark he is coming in, Amy smiled said ” cool” Tina then said” he is going to watch as I lick her cunt then fuck her” Amy said ” you lucky bitch”  Tina smiled at Amy and added while he is fucking her he is going to get her to lick your cunt, Amy said ” oh cool I cant wait” Tina said ” there is more Asif’s dad and granddad are coming in to fuck the bitch, the manager came in looked at Amy and told her she had a visitor, Amy went to her little room walked in and saw her next door neighbour Steve who at sixteen was four years older than Amy, Amy looked at Steve’s nine inch erection took her gown off and was soon sucking Steve’s erection and after five minutes was swallowing his cum, as Steve left he looked at Amy and told her that his cousin Mark was in town, Amy put her gown on and headed back to where Tina was as she went she saw Asif’s granddad coming out of Dawn’s room he smiled at Amy and told her that Dawn had  twice  happy ending when he fucked her, Amy went into Tina and saw Dawn standing naked then the door to Dawn’s room opened and Asif’s dad walked in both girls smiled as they watched Asif’s dad thrust in and out of Dawn’s love tube and after he had squirted his cum over Dawn’s face he held three fingers up, Tina smiled and said to Amy ” the bitch has been made to cum three times, Amy told Tina that Asif’s granddad had told her she had cum twice, Tina said cool the bitch has been made to cum by a fifty six year old and seventy nine year old man, A hour later Amy was laying on the couch having her love tube licked by Dawn while seventeen year old Mark was ramming his eight inch erection into Dawn’s love tube, Tina was stood watching through the mirror thinking glad the old Chinese man gave me that powder to mix in Dawn’s juice and smiled as Dawn took another swig from her orange juice before she continued to lick Amy’s love tube, the manager walked in smiled at Tina and told her that both her and Amy would be getting extra cash tonight as they had brought extra customers in after getting Dawn involved, Tina smiled as she saw Dawn wipe her face and knew that Amy had an happy end , Tina thought yeah bitch you are doing that to me later,  Amy walked back in the room looked at her sister and said ” pretending to be friends with the cow for all this time has been worth it, both girls smiled as they saw Colin the local perv who Dawn hated and had beat up a few times enter Dawn’s room and smiled even more as sixteen year old Colin slid his dick into Dawn’s bum making her scream out.

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