My First Surprise Erotic Massage

I love massage! I love getting it, giving it and I love the sensual aspects of massage in addition to its healing powers. As I travel for business (I am in high tech software sales) I try to always have some cash to support my hobby, and when possible, I like it to be both Therapeutic and when I am lucky, erotic. But until about 15 years ago, I always thought of massage as Therapeutic only. That is until the Russian Barber Shop in Manhattan.

I was working in midtown Manhattan an at lunch hour, I decided to get a haircut. 2 blocks from my office was a shop, and I noticed they had a sign for massage available as well. Well I sat down to get my cut and the old Russian male barber was working away when I asked about the sign for massage. “I callout girl to come over if you want, for $50 Massage”. I said sure, as I was feeling tight. Now to this point I had certainly heard of “happy endings” but had never dabbled, and wasn’t even sure I wanted to.

When the haircut was over, a 40-ish Russian lady came and introduced herself as Olga, and said to follow her upstairs. I did not even know this place had an upstairs, and we got up to a small area with a massage table. I thought something might be different as there was a shower stall as well, but I proceeded to undress, cover myself with a towel, and get on the table.

The massage started as expected, with some good work on my back and shoulders, and then she started working down to my butt. All of a sudden I realized she was exciting me more than normal and I started thing something else might be up. This continued for another 30 minutes or so on my full body, where she switched from “normal” massage to where it seemed like, mostly by accident, when would brush my asshole or balls quickly, then move on like nothing happened.

Once the masseuse had me flip over, my mind was now racing. “I really think she is offering some kind of sex”, and “How guilty will I feel, as I have never cheated on my wife”. I had the thought, “hey I need sexual release as I am a guy, and after 15 years of marriage, my wife usually can’t be bothered, so what’s the big deal?” I was so lost in my head that I barely noticed the towel disappear and a bit more “accidental;” brushing, now against the side of my dick.

I was getting really turned on and just as I thought, this is it, she rubbed her hands together and said “finish”, and backed up a step. At this point I was really ready for more and a bit disappointed, but I am not one to cause a scene, so I meekly said ok, and started to get up. I guess I had misread the situation, as I am indeed new to this. After what seemed like an hour but was more like 10 seconds, she took a breath and said “Unless you want me to finish you?” I asked how much, and she said $40 which I had, so I said sheepishly said OK.

She pushed me back down, again removed the towel that I had put back on when I thought we were done, and she slowly added oil to her hands and started lightly massaging my balls and penis. My mind started racing again wondering if I would feel guilty afterwards, but I was now so caught up in the excitement that this left me very soon. I was really enjoying her stroking and then she leaned over, put her mouth on my nipple, and started licking and sucking it while increasing the speed of her steady stroking of my very engorged hard-on. OMG what a feeling and it took all of about 30 seconds for me to have one of the greatest happy ending that I had had in years!

After 2 days of mulling over the experience, I realized that I did not feel guilty, as I need sexual release and if my wife is too busy to take care of me on a regular basis, then certainly there is nothing wrong with what has become my new hobby! I have since discovered that there are erotic massage places everywhere, some cheap, to indulge in my growing hobby. I will write more about subsequent experiences, as I indulged more and more over the years…

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