Out Call for My Pleasure

“Are you feeling stressed?”

“Yes,” I muttered to the screen.

“Is life getting on top of you?”

“Yes again,” I sighed.

“Well I can help you – with a spiritually uplifting Aromatherapy massage.”

“Why not?” I asked myself, looking at the screen again before reading on.

“Provided by a fully qualified Masseuse ….”

“Just what I need,” I told myself

“… who is a Naturist …”


“… so please don’t call  out if nudity offends you!”

I laughed quietly to myself. Yes, I was stressed, and it felt like just about everything was on top of me, so why not? It was probably an overweight man who did it anyway, I told myself as I jotted down the number, but to be honest I didn’t care. I would have my eyes closed and as long as I felt less stressed afterwards, then it would be a happy ending.

I phoned between meetings the next day. To my surprise a lady answered, a very nice sounding lady. To my even greater surprise I was ringing the doorbell at the address across town that she’d given me just a couple of hours later. Although I knew that the masseuse was at least a lady, I was still convinced that I’d be better off keeping my eyes closed. So when the door was flung open moments after I’d leant on the bell button, I think my mouth might have hung open.

“Simon?” she asked in a delightful sing-song voice as she swung the door back.

“Yes,” I told her, my mouth suddenly dry.

“Come in … come in.”

I followed Jessie – the name she’d given me on the phone – through a small hallway, and straight into what was obviously her lounge. I started to glance around, but I couldn’t drag my eyes away from her. She was short and petite, her blonde hair hanging just to her shoulders. Her face was pretty, untouched by lines and make up, her eyes bright and impish, her nose sprinkled with freckles, her mouth generous.

I guessed that she was around 40, but looked younger. She was dressed in a short, tight white overall that was zipped up the front, and that clung to every tight curve of her pert body. It ended just below the swell of her ass, and it was more than obvious that she was naked underneath it. The zip was already undone to between her breasts, drawing attention to her dark nipples that showed clearly through the thin material.

I watched the sway of her ass as she disappeared towards what must have been her kitchen.

“Get your clothes off then” she callout over her shoulder, before returning a few seconds later with two glasses of water.

I started to get undressed as she smoothed out the towel that was spread over the massage table set up in the centre of the room. I looked around to see if there was anywhere to get undressed, but all I found was a typical lounge, in a typical house, with some open plan stairs over in the corner. I mentally shrugged, and started to undress, surprising myself by being not at all self conscious in front of this undeniably sexy looking, soon to be naked, lady.

I could feel the tension draining from my full body as I kicked my shoes off, before bending over to drag my socks off. I stood up and started to undo my shirt. Across the room, I watched as Jessie bent over to put some soothing music on, her overall impossibly tight across her ass. As I watched, it suddenly loosened as she drew the zip down as she stood back up. Without saying a word, she turned towards me, shrugging her overall off her shoulders, her breasts pushing forward. A second later she was naked.

I prayed silently for my cock to behave as I quickly finished undressing, my eyes following her as she moved around the room. She was tanned all over, her skin a soft brown colour. Her breasts swayed gently, her nipples perched at the tip of her upswept curves. Her belly was flat, her waist nipped in above the swell of her hips, her ass firm. I caught a glimpse of the smudge of hair at the base of her belly, but that was all as she drew my attention back by tapping on the massage table, a small smile on her face.

On her instruction, I clambered onto the table and lay face down, wriggling quickly to get my cock comfortable beneath me. She pointed out a hole for my face.

“Some people use it, some don’t,” she told me softly.

I rested my head on my arms, turning to one side, conscious of her beside me. I heard the squelch of oil on her hands, and then sighed as she reached for my shoulders before her hands moved slowly and carefully down my back.

It felt as if every muscle in my back and shoulders relaxed at the same time as her hands glided easily over my skin. Ten minutes later, it felt as though almost all of the stress and strains of the last weeks and months had disappeared – and that Jessie knew my life story! As she worked from one side of me and then the other, she talked quietly, and I found myself telling about my job and its problems, about how my fifteen year marriage had disintegrated into a bitter divorce, about just about everything.

As her hands moved over me, I was aware of her behind me, and longed to turn, to catch glimpses of her as she moved around. I heard the squelch of more oil onto her hands, and felt her running her hands up the back of one leg and then the other, her hands pressing powerfully into the muscles built from mile after mile of cycling. She moved to one side, her hands slipping down to the inside of my thigh, her fingertips catching my cock. At first I jumped, thinking it was a mistake, but the second time it happened a glow went through me.

Her hands ran smoothly along my legs, and then up onto my ass to my back. She did it again, talking to me about this and that, about how she gave training as a masseur at a local college. This time her hands concentrated on my ass, the outside of my cheeks first, and then closer to the centre, her fingers gliding along the cleft between them, teasing, probing, before sweeping up my back and then down again.

I was so relaxed that I didn’t notice at first that she had stopped, until she appeared in front of me, her naked body just inches from my face. As I looked, I realised that the soft hair I seen earlier was trimmed into a neat strip above her pussy, a strip that drew my eyes downwards. Jessie dropped to her knees by the corner of the table, and reached for my arm. I watched her closely for the first time, and saw the concentration on her face as she held my hand to keep my arm straight as her other hand slid slowly over my skin, but my eyes soon dropped lower, taking furtive looks at her breasts, at her dark, erect nipples.

I almost jumped as she took my hand in both of hers, holding me close to her as she massaged the tension away from my fingers. As she moved my hand, my fingers caught her breasts, touching her warm skin gently, sending another jolt to my cock. She moved across in front of me, giving me a perfect view of her perfect ass as she got into position to deal with my other arm. I watched, seeing how absorbed she was in her work, how totally relaxed she was with her own nakedness.

As she worked on my hands, my fingers still catching her breasts from time to time, she told me about a student from college who was staying with her for a few days, and who was training to be a beautician.

“She wants to do massage as well,” she told me lightly, “But struggles to get people to practice on. I’ve got a little more to do on your back … would you mind if Emma helped me?”

She asked so naturally, and I was so relaxed, that I just nodded in agreement.

“Emma,” Jessie called upstairs.

I watched as Jessie moved to my side again, expecting her to slip back into her overall before Emma came down. Even though it hid so little, I assumed that was what she would do. To my surprise, she stayed naked – and when I twisted my head to see Emma coming downstairs in just a dressing gown, I could see why. With no hesitation, Emma dropped her robe on the floor and moved to stand opposite Jessie.

In those fleeting seconds, I could see that she was twenty, maybe twenty one, her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, and a tanned body that showed a remarkable likeness to Jessie’s. Her breasts were a little larger and her hips and ass a little rounder, but the likeness was so startling I wondered if they were related in some way.

For the next ten minutes, these two beautiful, naked masseuses moved around me, their four hands moving over my naked back and shoulders and legs, Jessie speaking softly to Emma, giving her instructions and guidance. I couldn’t help but stare as Emma moved to stand at my head, her soft belly with her pierced navel just inches away as she rolled my shoulders. At my feet, I felt Jessie’s hands moving up my legs, her fingers catching my cock again out of view of Emma before sliding between my cheeks.

“We’ll do Simon’s hands and arms again and then I’ll finish off,” I heard Jessie telling Emma.

Moments later, both masseuses were at the end of the table, a hand in each of theirs, my fingers catching their breasts. Emma glanced up as I looked at her, catching me staring at her breasts. I started to look away, but she smiled, pulled me closer, my finger tips scraping across her tight nipple. She massaged my fingers gently, her hand moving up and down them one at a time as if they were miniature cocks. As I watched she moved position again, as if to get comfortable, her legs easing apart to give me a teasing glimpse of her pussy.

As Emma moved, I was aware of Jessie changing position as well. As she moved, my arm dropped lower, her hand tight around my wrist as her other hand moved up my arm. My fingers hung loose, catching her belly. She moved again – and my fingers brushed against the soft hair above her pussy. I glanced at her, expecting some reaction, but her face was still a picture of concentration.

“I think that’s enough now,” she said.

Even though I was looking at her, I jumped as she spoke, wondering if she’d seen Emma’s slight movement. I watched Emma slip back into her gown and smile a “Thanks” at me before heading back upstairs.

“I’ll just finish off your back, and then I’ll start on the front,” Jessie told me.

She moved to stand towards the end of the table, her hands sweeping up from the backs of my legs, over my ass and up to my shoulders. As she stretched, I felt sure that her breasts were touching me, sliding across me, softly at first, but then more distinctly. Each time her hands swept over my ass and up my back, her breasts joined them, slipping lightly, easily, over my skin. She moved to my other side and did the same, my struggles to control my cock getting harder as I felt her nipples gliding across me.

A few moments later she stopped, and asked me to sit up. She passed me the glass of water she’d brought in earlier, and told me to have a good drink before she did my front. I did as I was told, aware of her stood close to me with her own drink, her breasts and belly glossy with oil. She adjusted the massage table and then took my glass back. I lay back, happy to be slightly sat up so that I could watch her as she moved around.

She started at my feet, her hands moving up one leg and then the other, carefully avoiding my cock, concentrating on my thighs. She moved to my side, and did my legs again, this time pushing downwards before moving to my shoulder and leaning over to run her hands over my chest and stomach. As she leant over me, I stared at her breasts as they swayed forwards, inches from me, so close that it felt like I could easily reach out and draw her nipple into my mouth.

As if reading my mind, she paused, her breast hovering closer than ever before she stood up and moved to my other shoulder. This time her breast brushed against my cheek as she leant forward, her hands moving down across my chest and belly, and then onto my legs

After a few minutes, the entire front of my full body and legs, apart from my cock, glistened with oil. Jessie moved back to my feet and I watched as she stretched upwards, her hands moving along the length of my legs, her breasts hanging low, almost touching me. Past them, I could see her narrow waist, and the flare of her hips, a hint of her pussy nestling between her thighs.

I heard the squelch of more oil. At first I thought I’d imagined it as her hand slipped almost casually along the length of my cock, before sliding across my belly. But moments later I knew that I wasn’t as she did it again, once and then twice, and then again. With my cock hardening rapidly, Jessie stroked slowly along my shaft one more time before leaving my cock lying on my belly. Her hands returned to my thighs, rubbing and kneading, before one moved to my balls, cradling them, a finger reaching to rub against my ass.

I tried to stifle my moan as she moved to my side, one hand reaching for my cock again, stroking and squeezing, her other hand rubbing across my chest. She put me back down, moving again, this time to be closer to my shoulder so that she could reach over me, her hands sliding across my belly, over my cock to my thighs. She was close, so close that it took all my will power to stop myself from reaching out, from running my hands over her ass, or up onto her breasts, even down towards her pussy.

As these thoughts and emotions crashed through my mind, her hand slid along my cock again while it was still lying on my belly, harder than ever. Her hand moved slowly, teasingly, my cock throbbing. She lifted me away from my body as she stood beside me, her hand moving slowly up and down my shaft, peeling my skin back, her thumb rubbing the pre cum that was leaking from me.

She moved slightly, leaning over, one hand stroking my cock slowly, the other moving across my chest. She moved along the table a little, my cock jerking in her hand as I felt her soft hair brush against my fingers. I looked up at her face again, but it was a picture of concentration still, her eyes following her hand across my chest. She placed my cock gently on my belly, and moved to the other side of the table. This time she pressed her mound lightly against my fingers, teasing as she reached for my cock again.

I reached out, unable to stop myself. She was stood by my waist, half turned, as if she was waiting, ready, for me to reach out and touch her, my hand settling easily onto the small of her back. I groaned, my full body tensing, as one hand held the base of my cock, the other moving faster and faster along my shaft, becoming a blur as my hand slid slowly over the curves of her ass. She pushed back against my hand, a slight but definite movement, an intimate movement. My ass lifted off the table, my thighs and belly taut as her hands moved me towards the inevitable, as my cum erupted upwards.

I cried out as I came, my cum splattering onto my belly, more running down my cock and over her hand. All the time she stroked me, still pushing back against my hand as I caressed her. With a gasp, she stepped away, her face slightly flushed, but then suddenly business like again. As she turned to grab some wipes, I saw how dark, how hard, her nipples were, and longed to pull her to me. I reached out and touched her ass again, caressing her softly as she cleaned up my cum, wiping me carefully, laughingly apologising for how cold the wipes were.

After that, she returned to my erotic massage, easing me down from my high, leaving me relaxed and stress free, just as she’d promised. When she’d finished, I sat up and took the glass of water she held out to me, sipping it gratefully as she stood next to me, still naked. I was more than aware of her as she took my glass and then moved to stand in front of me, a towel in her hand. She used it to gently wipe away the excess oil from anywhere she could reach, asking me to stand up so that she could do my back and ass.

With a smile, she handed me a clean towel and said that if I needed a shower, it was upstairs on the right. I took it gratefully and made my way to the stairs, brushing past her as I went, my body tingling at the feel of her warmth against me. As I climbed the stairs, I glanced back and saw that Jessie was slipping back into her overall. I smiled ruefully, already looking forward to seeing her again.

I found the bathroom, and quickly switched the shower on. It was a large walk-in shower, with two jets that I was soon stood under, letting the warm water cascade over me. I closed my eyes and turned my face to the water, thinking how good I felt, how good the erotic massage had been, how relaxed I was. I smiled to myself, my cock stirring again as thought about how close Jessie had been, how beautiful and sexy she was, about the happy ending. I was so lost in thought, I didn’t realise that I wasn’t alone any more until she spoke – and her hand curled around my cock.

“I wish Jessie would let join in the fun at the end as well,” Emma whispered as she stroked my cock slowly, her full, rounded breasts pressed to my back.

I gasped, and started to turn, but Emma pressed herself harder against me, stopping me, one hand on my hip, the other sliding slowly along my shaft. I reached out, my hands against the shower wall as she leant against me, her hard nipples pressing into my back. She moved up and down, rubbing her full body against mine, our slippery skins making it easy as her breasts and nipples moved around my back, as her belly rubbed against my ass. I gasped again as she moved to wrap one leg around mine, twisting me towards her as she ground her pussy against my thigh.

Without really thinking of anything but how hard I was, I twisted towards her, pulling her to me and kissing her, our mouths locked together, our tongues searching, exploring, as our hands discovered each others bodies. Her hand never left my cock as I caressed her ass and back, as I pushed against her desperately, as her breasts moulded themselves to my chest.

“Fuck me,” she moaned when we eventually broke our kiss, gasping for breath.

She stepped away from the shower, rivulets of water pouring down her body, between her breasts. She reached up and swept her long hair back, thrusting her breasts, her pebble like nipples, forward as more water ran down her.

I groaned, a lust filled groan from deep within my body, as I stared at the gorgeous, naked young woman in front of me. I reached for her, but she skipped away with a gentle laugh. She turned and leant over the bath, her hands on the edge, her ass wiggling at me.

“I said ‘Fuck me’” she said over her shoulder, the lust in her eyes mirroring mine.

I stepped towards her, my cock rigid in front of me, and grabbed her hips. She moved her feet further apart as I held her, her pink rosebud winking back at me, teasingly, invitingly. I slid my cock along the deep cleft between her cheeks, our wet bodies making it easy. She pushed back, moaning, wanting, needing, more. I stepped away from her, catching my first glimpse of her wet pussy, her lips flushed with desire.

As I eased my cock between her thighs, I felt her heavy wetness hot against me. She slid her hand down, pulling me towards her, guiding me into her wanton body. I pushed forwards, driving my cock into her as she grabbed the edge of the bath again, her knuckles white. I held my cock deep inside her, her pussy tight around me. I fucked her slowly, almost slipping out of her before sliding back until her firm ass was pressed against my belly.

She moaned softly, gasping that she wanted more. I fucked her harder then, harder and faster and deeper, reaching around her to fill my hands with her wildly swaying breasts. She rested her head on one arm, sliding her other hand down between her breasts to rub at her clit, her fingertips catching my cock. The room was heavy with the smell and wet sounds of sex, with the moans and groans that we tried our best to stifle. My balls were hard as I felt Emma’s pussy tightening around me, our climaxes building.


I spun around, my cock slipping from Emma, to find Jessie in the doorway, hands on hips, her face flushed with anger. For a moment I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, my cock sagging back over my balls. But Jessie didn’t move either. Nor did she speak again. But the anger in her eyes changed as she looked at me, as she looked past me to where Emma was still bent over, her breasts swaying, her pussy glistening between her soft thighs. I watched as her breathing deepened, became harsher, as her nipples strained against the thin material of her overall, as the need she’d hidden behind the mask of concentration surged to the surface.

Emma was watching as well now.

“I said ‘Fuck me’” she said again.

I glanced down at my cock, my mind in a whirl. I heard a ripping sound and looked back up to see Jessie pulling her overall off, the thin material tearing in her haste. Her face was flushed as she stepped towards me, her hand reaching out for my cock as her breasts were crushed between us, our mouths clashing, our tongues thrusting.

Emma moaned as she watched us, my ass against hers as she stayed bent over, as Jessie pressed against me, my hands swarming over her full body, over her back and ass, over any part of her I could reach. She broke our kiss and dropped to her knees, sucking my cock deep into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip as her lips moved along my shaft, one hand reaching for my balls. I twisted slightly as she tried to reach past me, her other hand searching for Emma’s ass.

My cock was hard and throbbing as I thrust into Jessie’s mouth, my hands reaching for her head. After several thrusts, she jerked backwards, my cock escaping from her mouth.

“Fuck her,” she gasped, “Fuck Emma.”

I spun around and drove my cock back into Emma’s waiting pussy. She was still hot and wet, as it was probably only a few minutes since Jessie had gasped out her name. I fucked Emma relentlessly, my hands on her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples, Jessie’s hands on her ass and clit.

Emma screamed as she came, her body on fire, every nerve ending tingling as pleasure ran through her, as I fucked her through it, as I came, a torrent of cum filling her.

Beside us, Jessie had staggered back, her eyes bright with need as she sat on the edge of the bath, her fingers reaching for her pussy, desperate for her own release. Emma twisted, my cock sliding from her as she dropped to her knees. Jessie’s eyes opened wide as she realised what Emma was going to do, but then pulled her fingers away as Emma sank her tongue into her waiting pussy.

Jessie groaned and leant back, her hands reaching for the far side of the bath, her breasts thrust upwards. I caught a glimpse of Emma’s tongue sliding into Jessie’s hot body, of her finger slipping inside her, of another finger on her clit. I leant over and flicked my tongue across Jessie’s swollen nipples, making her cry out as I sucked and kissed them, as I took her taut flesh into my mouth.

As she came, she pulled me to her with one arm. I steadied us as we kissed wildly, our tongues clashing, her full body trembling, her cries muffled by our kiss as her climax sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. We clung together after that, our bodies slowly calming down.

“The showers still running ….”

I can’t remember who said it, but for the next ten minutes we were all under the warm water together, our bodies slippery as we soaped every part of each other, caressing, exploring. I watched as Emma and Jessie washed each other, Emma the more certain at first, with Jessie soon enjoying taking and giving as much as her. And then they washed me, their hands roaming all over my body.

Emma reached around from behind me, just as she had earlier, her hard nipples pressing into my back as she stroked my cock. The difference this time was that Jessie was in front of me, my hands moving easily over her pert breasts, down over her flat belly, down to her hot pussy. She gasped as I slipped a finger inside her, feeling her heat, her need. Her hands went to her own breasts as I kissed her, my cock hard between us as Emma held me.

Jessie hooked a leg over my hip, and I slipped into her easily, Emma beside us, touching, caressing. Jessie’s pussy was tight around me, my cock stretching her as we fucked, gently at first, but then harder, our bodies moving slickly against each other until our release came.

After drying each other off, Emma led us through to what I guessed was Jessie’s bedroom, with its big double bed. I watched as she crawled up the bed, her pussy and ass on show, before lying down. We joined her quickly, Emma and Jessie on each side of me. I put an arm around each of them, pulling them to me contentedly, still not quite believing what was happening.

We talked for a while about nothing in particular, their hands resting on my body, caressing gently. The talking gradually stopped as we began to kiss, as Emma reached for my cock, Jessie soon joining her. I pulled Jessie to me and enjoyed a long, lingering kiss, our tongues moving erotically against each other while I reached for her ass. Emma twisted my head towards her, pressing her breasts to me as we kissed, her tongue thrusting. As soon as she broke the kiss, she looked at Jessie for just a second before they were leaning over me to share a wanton kiss that left my cock rock hard from just watching.

I kissed Jessie again, her hand caressing my cock, her nipples hard against me. As we kissed, Emma turned around on the bed, her mouth sinking down onto my cock while Jessie held me. I reached out to Emma, caressing her ass, my hand slipping between her thighs to find her pussy. Jessie moved as well, kneeling between my legs to take my cock from Emma, both their mouths on me, licking, sucking, my cock and balls on fire with need.

While Emma sucked me slowly, stopping only to run her tongue wetly along my thick shaft, Jessie moved away for a moment. I caught a glimpse of her past Emma picking up a small tube. When she came back, she squirted some gel onto her finger. I moaned as the cold gel was rubbed gently around my ass, and then again as Jessie slid her finger into me.

My fingers slipped from inside Emma as she moved to straddle my full body. I reached up and pulled her to me, her pussy sinking down gratefully towards my mouth as I held her, my fingers searching out her puckered rosebud, already lubricated by her own juices.

As they shared my cock, sucking, licking, kissing, Jessie had her finger deep inside me, caressing me, just as I had a finger inside Emma’s ass and my tongue deep inside her pussy, her juices on my face. I clamped my mouth over Emma’s clit, sucking, my tongue flicking. Her deep groans were muffled by my cock, only becoming louder as I was pulled from her mouth only to have Jessie’s lips surround me a split second later.

My groans were muffled by Emma’s pussy as she pressed down against my mouth, my tongue, her juices flooding from her as she came, her cries echoing around us. As Jessie sucked me, her hand moving along my shaft, she pushed her finger deeper into my ass, sending me over the edge, my cum erupting into her mouth. She sucked hard, taking my first spurts of cum before feeding me to Emma for her share. Both masseuses licked and sucked until I was drained, and then kissed, sharing my cum and their desire.

As Emma rolled away from me, I pulled Jessie to me, holding her tight and kissing her hard, the taste of my cum on her lips. She pressed herself to me, rubbing her pussy against the hard muscles of my thigh. I pushed her onto her back and scrambled down the bed to kneel between her outstretched legs. With a groan that was soon muffled by Emma’s kiss, she grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them back, exposing her pussy, her ass, exposing everything, to me.

I stared for a moment, seeing her pussy, with the strip of soft hair, properly for the first time. Her clit was peeping out above her flushed lips, her juices glistening as they ran towards her ass, all of her begging for attention. She moaned again as Emma’s hands found her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples, tugging gently at them. I dipped my head and tasted her for the first time, licking slowly along her sweet pussy before sucking on her clit.

I licked slowly downwards, teasing her puckered hole, before moving back up her writhing body. With an even more urgent groan, Jessie grabbed my hair and pushed her hips up, grinding herself against me. I pumped my tongue into her pussy, reaching under her to rub her rosebud gently. I sucked and licked while Emma nipped and tugged her nipples, sending waves of pleasure through Jessie’s hot body as her climax washed over her.

Eventually she relaxed, sagging back onto the bed, her body slick from her pleasure. I crawled up beside her as she laid between us, our hands all over each other as the three of us shared kisses. Later, Jessie went to fetch a bottle of wine that we drank in bed, naked, sharing touches and kisses, all of us wanting more. When the wine was finished, their hands and mouths found my cock, just as mine found them.

With my cock, slick from their attentions, jutting out hard in front of me, I rose up onto my knees, urging them both to lie down. They did, side by side. Jessie draped a leg over one of Emma’s, bringing them, bringing their pussies, even closer together. I knelt between Jessie’s legs and rubbed her clit gently, slipping my cock inside her, her eyes locked on mine. I pushed deep inside her, but then eased back until just the tip was inside her. I fucked her slowly until Emma demanded her turn.

I moved between Emma’s legs, moaning as she grabbed my cock and pulled me to her. I eased my cock, still covered with Jessie’s juices, into her, reaching over to Jessie at the same time, my fingers joining her own on her pussy. Her other hand reached over to Emma, to her clit. I fucked Emma just as slowly, before Jessie demanded more. Emma thrust her fingers into her pussy, moaning loudly as Jessie pulled me towards her. Minutes later I was shuffling back to Emma, my cock dripping with their juices.

This time I fucked Emma hard, the teasing over. I watched her breasts bouncing as I drove into her, Jessie’s fingers rubbing her clit. Emma reached out above her and grabbed the end of the bed, her back arching, her body on fire. Jessie rolled towards her, rubbing herself against the other woman, her fingers never leaving her clit. She sucked hard on her nipple, capturing the rubbery flesh between her teeth.

A flush rose up Emma’s chest as she came, the pleasure from her pussy, her nipples, her breasts, radiating out to send her wild as her orgasm rushed through her full body. I slipped my hands under her ass, pulling her to me, my hard cock buried inside her, her pussy throbbing around me as I held her. Jessie kissed her softly, her hands roaming over Emma’s body, sharing her pleasure.

“Now Jessie,” Emma eventually gasped, “Fuck her …..”

I eased my still hard cock from Emma, leaning over and kissing her pussy before shuffling back to Jessie. I pushed her legs back, my eyes on hers again as I exposed everything. Before I could move, Emma grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip across Jessie’s pussy, making her cry out. I plunged into her wanton pussy, her hands reaching out to grab me. I held still for a moment, watching her, before I eased out a fraction and then drove back into her, making her pert breasts sway delightfully. I held still again, for just a moment, before driving into her again and again until she screamed “stop”.

I stopped, wondering what was going on, my balls ready to burst. But I needn’t have worried as Jessie scrambled onto all fours, her ass in the air. I grabbed her hips and pumped my cock into her, reaching for her swaying breasts only to find that Emma had beaten me to it. Jessie pushed back against my cock, crying out as I drove wildly into her, my balls slapping against her.

I wasn’t surprised when she cried “stop” again, nor when she pushed me onto my back. She straddled me, dropping down onto my cock and grinding her pussy against me, taking me deeper inside her than I thought possible. She leant back, her arms behind her, her breasts thrust up for Emma’s attention.

We fucked wildly, crying out, until she slumped forward on top of me, her breasts squashed between us. I grabbed her firm ass, holding her tight as I powered my cock into her, my cries matching hers as we came, as we kissed frantically through our orgasms, our bodies hot with desire. Beside us, Emma pumped her fingers into her pussy, as excited as us at what she’d seen, at what we’d all done.

Afterwards, we lay gasping on the bed for a long time, happy to hold each other.

The masseuses kissed me before I had to leave, a grin on my face.

“Remember,” Jessie murmured, “If ever you’re feeling stressed …”

“… I’ll be back!” I laughed.

And I will – soon.

Happy end!

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