Outcall girl getting hot on the phone

The phone rang again, I picked it up knowing what to expect. My service is  to turn them on and get them off. I had been a out call operator for several weeks now and was getting good at reading their vibes by the tone of their voices. Forget what you see on commercials and the internet. When I signed up I was given a choice of a new identity and was able to pick out my new “self” from several sexy pictures of gorgeous models. I have a low throaty voice they seemed to enjoy, especially the older guys.

I talked my way through a range of “specialties” I had never believed even remotely possible. I wondered how talking to someone on the phone could get them so hot and worked up that all I heard was the usual loud moans and groans before the phone clicked off. I always told them I was married, a lie, when they started getting too friendly, offering to meet me or send me plane tickets. I had no desire for a relationship since I had just gotten a divorce.

New caller, I answered with my usual, “Hi sexy, what’s up? Hope it’s that big hard cock between your legs.” They always told me how hot I was and how much they loved my pictures. I gave them the best I could, saying what they wanted to hear. “What do you want me to do to you? Can you feel my hot wet little tongue licking your ear? Let me take my panties off. Can you see my ass? Watch while I bend over to slide them down my thighs. See how wet my pussy is? It wants your big hard cock so bad.”

“Let me sit on your lap baby while I suck your hard-little nipples. I’ll rub your cock with my pussy. That’s right, slide your fingers in between those wet pussy lips. Do you feel my pussy throbbing, hot and wet, how bad it wants you? Let me raise up so I can push it in my pussy while I sit on your lap. Oh damn, it feels so hot it’s burning my pussy baby. Oh yes, put your finger up my ass while I fuck you. Sooooo damn good, you are huge sugar. Harder baby, stab me with that big hot dick. Oh, baby just like that.”

“Now push it up my ass, hard. Hurt me, make me beg for it. Shove it all the way in. It feels so big, it hurts my tight little ass. Pinch my nipples hard. Oh, baby I am going to cum all over you. Harder, I am so hot. Push your fingers in that wet hot little pussy. More baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Until I suddenly hear a loud moan and the phone clicks off. Another satisfied customer I guess but there was no relief for the pulsating wet throbbing of my own body. I couldn’t get off that way. I just made myself hot and it ended with a phone click.

Next caller, I did the usual routine. He told me he was kneeling naked on his bathroom floor and wanted me to lick his asshole. “Let me spread your sexy ass honey so I can lick down the crack. Can you feel my hot wet little tongue licking that tight little asshole? Mm mm, let me shove my tongue inside. Can you feel it licking the inside of your ass? I’m reaching under you to grab that huge hot cock. Let me stroke it while I lick your ass. Are you hot sugar?” He asked me to grab the nozzle of the enema bag hanging from the shower curtain rod and shove it in his ass. He moaned as I said I was pushing it all the way in while I squeezed the bag to make the liquid gush into his ass. He groaned louder, telling me the liquid was running down his thighs. “Let me suck your big cock while I use the enema stick to fuck your ass. Can you feel my hot wet mouth sucking you? Push your huge cock down my throat, make me take it all. Hmm, that’s right baby, I am sticking it all the way in your ass, take it all baby.” I heard him squeal over the phone as he hung up. Wonderful that he was satisfied but I was left with the hot heat of desire churning inside me.

My next caller told me he wanted me to treat him like a baby. He wanted to suck my breasts while I held his naked full body on my lap. I told him to cuddle up on my lap as I took my shirt off and slowly pulled up my bra. “Suck mommy’s titties baby, bite them. Mm, that’s right baby, let me take off your undies so I can caress your cock. Keep sucking them sugar, can you feel my hand sliding up and down your cock? Now bend over my lap, mommy is going to spank you for being such a bad boy.” I slapped my thigh several times, holding the phone down by my leg so he could hear it. He groaned louder as I told him I was going to push my finger in his ass. “Mommy wants to finger fuck your ass baby, do you like it? Do you want me to lick your little asshole? I’m pushing my tongue in, feel it licking you? It’s so good baby, hot and wet. Let me push my dildo up your ass. You’re such a naughty boy I have to spank you again.” Again, I held the phone down while I slapped my thigh several times.

“Now pull mommy’s panties down. Lick my pussy. Suck my clit hard baby. I am so wet and hot. I want my naughty boy to fuck me hard. That’s right baby, shove it in my throbbing wet pussy. Be my good little boy and suck my nipples. Fuck me harder baby, don’t stop or I’ll have to spank you again.” A loud triumphant yell came loud over the phone and the usual click as he hung up. He was obviously satisfied but I wasn’t. I was left soaked and throbbing, my full body trembling.

My next caller was a woman. I also did lesbian phone sex even though I had never done it in real life. I had a very perverted sexual imagination and had seen plenty of porn movies, so it was easy to get in the mood. She was even better than I was as she told me what she wanted to do to me, making me hotter and wetter than any of the others ever had. When she asked if we could meet at a hotel I felt so disappointed as I told her it was against company policy. She assured me no names would be exchanged. I agreed after I explained to her that the name and pictures I used weren’t really me. She said it made no difference and asked what city I would like to meet in. I was surprised when she said she lived in the area and would meet me there on Friday night at 8 p.m. She would reserve a room.

My coat covered my low-cut blouse and miniskirt. I had worn no bra or panties. I felt so sexy as I asked the desk clerk for a key, using the name and confirmation number she had given me. When I walked in the door I was surprised to see her standing there in nothing but a black lace bra and mini-skirt. She was beautiful and so hot my full body spasmed at the sight of her large breasts, slim waist and the long legs beneath the skirt. I noticed that seated on the couch and chairs were several guys, gorgeous young men. I had no idea she had invited me to what looked like an orgy.

I walked slowly toward her and put my arms around her. She pulled off my clothes, revealing my naked body to everyone in the room, making me tremble with excitement as they stared. I arched backward over her arm as she bent to suck my nipples, but I stopped abruptly as her hips rubbed against mine. Oh my God, she was a he! I felt the hard-huge cock between her thighs and stared at her large breasts.

I was so shocked I couldn’t move. She held me gently, telling me that she had some time yet before she could schedule her sex-change operation, but she had been so desperate to be with me that she hoped I wouldn’t be angry with her. Still a little dazed by the realization I looked at the gorgeous guys sitting in the room and finally saw the softness in their faces realizing they were women, not men. She explained they were friends of hers that were also transgenders and wanted to join us that night.

They slowly stood up and stripped off their clothes as I realized they had been wearing chest straps to flatten their breasts. Wow, what a party! I didn’t know who was who nor did I care what gender they were as they started touching my body, kissing, and licking, making me shake with all the suppressed desire I had felt during my phone-sex calls.

I was really into it now as I sank my fingers into one’s hot wet pussy and another ass, kissing back, licking, and feeling their hands run down the crack of my ass as another played between my hot shaking thigh before pushing me back on the bed so she could pull my wet pussy lips apart and plunge her tongue deep inside me. While the others sucked my nipples, and fingered my tight little asshole, she licked and sucked the pussy juice from me until cum gushed from my vagina soaking her face as she licked faster and harder making my body arch as I shoved hard against her lips, moaning, and gasping from the orgasm, an happy ending  that ripped through my full body.

My phone sex partner rolled me over, pushing me onto my knees and shoved that huge hot dick into my soaking wet pussy making me shake all over. The other girls lay beside me as he reached with his hands to play with their pussies, making the moan and tremble. The sight and feel of him inside me made me orgasm violently, the cum gushing out soaking us both, running down our thighs and dripping on to the bed. He pulled out and shoved his dick in my ass, stabbing me repeatedly until I screamed with pleasure as I felt his cum shooting into my ass, so damn hot I felt it would scald me.

I collapsed on the bed as I watched the other girls still licking each other’s’ wet pussies, sucking and finger fucking each other. When I caught my breath I again joined the action. One of the girls was lying on top of him, his cock in her ass, I leaned down to lick her pussy, loving the taste of her. I licked the pussy juice from his balls making him moan and fuck her harder. The other girl got behind me and pushed a dildo into my throbbing pussy pushing her wet pussy against my ass. I reached back and started finger fucking her until I felt her cum pour out and slide down my fingers.

Harder and faster she shoved the dildo inside me as I licked the other girl’s pussy and sucked my friend’s balls into my mouth. I felt my full body spasm as the cum gushed. I orgasmed repeatedly, screaming as I collapsed on the bed. It was the first time in my life I had experienced multiple orgasms and I felt so hot and shaky I thought I would faint. Never had such happy ending before. I lay gasping for air as I watched them change positions, both on their knees, their asses to him as he fucked one hard in her ass and shoved the vibrator into the other’s soaked pussy.

I was amazed when they kept going so long. I felt like I had no energy left. I was floating on a cloud of sexual satiation. When they climaxed, screaming, moaning, cum shooting everywhere I watched fascinated, amazed by the experience. We finally fell asleep, tightly entwined together on the huge bed. What an experience, the wildest of my life that I never wanted to end.

The next morning, we kissed and hugged all around as we showered together, soaping and caressing each other. When they invited me to join their little group again I was thrilled tremendously and eagerly helped to arrange the time and place for our next orgiastic party. I sadly said my good-byes, hugging, and kissing each one, telling them I couldn’t to see them again soon. I went back to my callout sex  life a changed person. Eager and hot, I did my best to talk others into having fantastic orgasms now wanting to try my best to give what I had been given – the most incredible sexual experience of my life.

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