Punish my full body

Bitch Magnolia felt the soothing shower water cascade down her velvety skin, washing away the streaks of cum that had splashed on her tits and dripped from her brown nipples and down her belly. She had never known a man to cum so much.

But then Mr. X was no ordinary man, from the little she knew of him because it was not policy that she should have too much information regarding clients. He was a man of immense commercial power, the Chairman of several Boards and a Director of yet many others – and he was tremendously rich. Magnolia had been specially selected by her boss Tino “Primo” Esposito for the job, as the ultimate selection ensured to please her client.

She had retired from the entertainment and escort side of Tino’s business and nowadays was his Administration Manager, managing and running his brothels in every major town and city, personally selecting the girls, supervising their grooming and actively involved in their breaking-in and training.

However, there were the odd occasions when a special client wanted something over-and-above the ordinary and this had been one of them. Mr. X had wanted an 18-year-old beginner relatively new to the business but had also requested a threesome involving another partner who would be Tino’s most experienced whore.

Esposito had call out Magnolia to his office and laid special emphasis that the session would be perfect. The client was a powerful man, loaded with money and with fingers in many business pies. Magnolia realized straight off that this client was in fact the legitimate front of many of Esposito’s vast but shady business empire, extending from genuine commercial enterprises to brothels, prostitution and procurement.

She selected a willowy and pallid Russian girl with large pale blue eyes, long and blonde hair and snow-white skin. Anoushka had been freshly imported from one of the Moscow suburbs and was still under supervision and training before embarking her on the brothel circuit. The client had requested the use of a dungeon fully equipped with torture instruments, a naïve beginner and an experienced whore.

The beginner was to be made subject to intense humiliation, corporal punishment and torture by the client, assisted by Magnolia, after which he would select his partner for the ultimate climax, choosing the girl he felt would be most suitable to receive his cum.

Water continued to cascade down Magnolia’s full body. She worked the soft sponge vigorously to wash out every trace of the body that had given her a furious and ferocious pounding at the climax. At 35 she thought she had seen everything there was to see in the game, but this client had surpassed all expectation and imagination. He was vicious and cruel and he had fucked her so hard, had pounded her so savagely that her thighs and ass-cheeks still ached from the bruises he had inflicted on her in his animal-like passion.

The poor Russian novice had fared worse because he had left her a mass of cuts and welts and had reduced her to a screaming wreck. Magnolia was a hardened bitch, but she had felt really sorry for the poor girl in this her first experience.

Mr. X was not only commercially and socially powerful he was also a big and muscular man with a heavy frame. The Russian girl novice was dressed in a cheap, cotton dress and was bare footed, like some stray waif. Magnolia had made a good selection because she fitted the part perfectly, being shy and petite, a willowy blonde with delicate features and a gaunt, thin under-fed frame.

When Anoushka was led into the dungeon her frightened eyes widened saucer-shape as she saw the torture instruments, the flogging horse, ropes, the chains and tackles and a variety of whips, paddles, canes and padlocks. Magnolia gave her an encouraging smile but it helped little to calm the Russian girl’s fears.

At 35 years of age Bitch Magnolia was in her prime. She was tall, almost six feet tall, with a full and voluptuous figure that had been kept in trim with regular gym work-outs although there were still slight traces of cellulite in her thighs and ass-cheeks. These however served to enhance her appearance of seasoned maturity.

With a Dutch mother and an Afro-Indian father from the Caribbean, she had beautiful chocolate-colored mulatto skin. Her piercingly brown eyes were set in a seductive face framed with a wealth of luxurious black curls. Her tits were magnificently bold, set high and firm and her whole figure was like an hour glass shape giving the impression that she was poured into her clothes. It was little wonder that as a whore she had been much sought after and had earned loads of money for Tino.

For this occasion she had chosen to wear a sexually-modified business suit of gray serge, a jacket and mini-skirt and a pink blouse so atrociously outrageous that it barely had enough material to cover her bursting tits.

Mr. X strode into the dungeon like the gorilla he was. His heavy steps thudded on the wooden floor-boards. His interlocked fingers crackled as he flexed his bones.
He was a well-built, heavy-boned powerfully-set man with a firm and menacing stride that showed that in whatever he did, he meant business. He was totally naked except for leather wrist straps and plush leather anklets. His body was matted in thick, curly, dark hair in contrast to a hugely bulbous shaven head. His hips were powerfully strong and in between his thighs nestled a menacingly fat cock that currently lay dormant, but still bore that air of menace about it.

The expression on his face was statically motionless, but there was a vicious twist to his lower lip. It fully underlined he was a hard-driving, merciless individual who was not to be crossed and who cared little for the rest of humanity that he chose to crush.

After he cast his expressionless eyes over Magnolia, there was a glint of appreciation – he loved what he saw.

“Where’s the slave I ordered?” Matching his appearance, his voice was gruff and ruthless.

Magnolia obediently pointed to the Russian girl crouching in the corner, more like cringing because that was the pose she had taken when she saw this giant of a cruel man.

Mr. X pounded towards the corner.

“Stand up slut” he growled.

Anoushka rose unsteadily to her feet.

“Turn around”. His eyes seemed to blaze into her body contours.

“She’s scrawny, a collection of bones”.

Magnolia spoke for the first time, choosing her words carefully.

“She’s as you requested, young, waif-like and mostly innocent. You asked for a girl like this Master, a girl who looked like 13 or 14 years old”.

He nodded agreement.

“Yes I did”.

He gripped the Russian girl by her hair and roughly pulled her towards him, his Godzilla-like figure towering over her fragile stature. He sniffed her all over, drinking in her body smells, just like a wild animal sniffing the scent of another animal on the air. The glint in his eyes showed his satisfaction.
He gripped the lapels of her dress and tore the garment in two revealing Anoushka’s pale, trembling and completely naked body, tossing the shredded cloth aside.

“Stand up straight” he commanded. Anoushka did as ordered.

Then with a sudden sweeping movement he fixed his hairy, muscular arm around her thin waist and lifting her off the floor so that she writhed and squirmed, he carried her over to the wall and made her stand up straight, her face towards the wall, her arms widespread against it, her legs forced open to be spread-eagled.

He frisked her like a cop frisking for weapons, feeling her full body with lust and passion. Magnolia saw his meat rod begin to stiffen and swell to a fat muscle. His fondling and probing was rough and blotch marks began to pock-mark Anoushka’s white skin.

Then, he swung her around. With muscular fingers he
grabbed one of her small brown nipples and squeezed and twisted it mercilessly so that tears ran down the Russian girl’s cheeks and she scre
amed with pain.

His face broke into a smirk. He continued to squeeze until she went down on her knees. Then he brought his almost-bulging cock into line with her face and with the other hand he splattered his fat wad of meat all over her face, clunking his heavy and loaded ball sac over her lips.

Anoushka continued to squeal with pain, her eyes open like saucers, in a mixture of angst and fear.

Then with his foot he lunged at her stomach to push her away, the force sending her squirming and clattering across the floor.

“You”, he beckoned to Magnolia, “you get over here. Take her over to that exercise horse and drape her over it. I want her well spread, legs apart. You get on the other side and hold her down”.

“Yes Sir”. Magnolia did as bid, giving the Russian girl a gentle and unobtrusive squeeze of the hand to try and re-assure her. Anoushka was not re-assured. She had seen the cruel and twisted smirk on this ape-man’s face and had already experienced his violence. She feared the worst.

Mr. X continued to spread the Russian girl’s legs apart, towering menacingly over her. From the collection of canes and whips he had selected a thin, reed-like cane that would flay the skin of the victim and inflict immense pain. He swished the cane impatiently in the air, flexing his arm muscle and then inflicted the first stroke on Anoushka’s bare and quivering ass, noting the thin streak of blood with satisfaction.
The Russian girl screamed and kicked out with her heel, catching him on the knee. He growled furiously.

“Kick me would you, you little tramp”. He ambled over to the locker and took out a length of rope and as Anoushka continued to buckle and scream he motioned to Magnolia to hold her wrists hard and spreading his victim’s legs even further, he secured both ankles to the horse’s legs so that the Russian girl was totally immobilized.

Stroke after stroke rained from his powerful arm, the cane making Anoushka’s ass a patchwork of bloody weals and cuts. Magnolia inwardly trembled. She had never witnessed such violence. She had handled sadist clients before, but never anybody as violent as this Mr. X, a person who relished in inflicting excruciating pain on his victim.

“I think she is going to faint Sir”, she said firmly and with a note of high anxiety in her voice.

The ape-man seemed to snap out of his frenzied trauma. With a satisfied smirk he looked over his victim’s senseless body. With a stubby finger he traced the blood-lines over her ass, spreading the blood over the pale and naked bum.

“There is a point in corporal punishment when hurt and pain cease to exist and the recipient begins to experience sensations of pleasure”. He scowled when he saw the doubtful expression on Magnolia’s face.

His finger tip began to gently ease a path down Anoushka’s spine, so gentle a touch it was almost feather-like, giving the Russian girl a tickling sensation so that she quivered and her thin legs shuddered. His finger hovered over her ass-hole, delicately massaging the tight and still virgin orifice. Then he bent down and his fleshy tongue began to lick the hole.

“Get me some oil” he growled.

He splashed the liquid liberally over the tortured ass cheeks and with a firm hand he massaged it over the quivering ass-cheeks. With his other hand he gently stroked Anoushka’s inner thighs, giving her more pleasurable sensations mingled with the still-stinging and excruciating pain of the caning.

The Russian girl moaned. Her thin full body no longer quivered with fear but went limp and lifeless as she resigned herself to whatever was to happen to her. Within a few minutes he had gained her total submission.

His wet and oily fingers began to probe and fondle the outer labia of her cunt, occasionally making a pop-like intrusion with a finger into her inner pink reaches. With utmost gentility he fondled her clit, massaging the little mould of flesh with delicacy.

Anoushka began to moan more loudly, impatiently wriggling her legs in an obvious signal she wanted more. He now had two fingers massaging her clit, the finger on the other hand traversing into the cunt, probing deep inside her.

She sighed and climaxed, releasing a stream of hot sticky liquid onto his finger.

Triumphantly he looked at Magnolia, holding up a finger to show her the milk-white sticky liquid. He sluiced up the rest of the liquid and massaged the sticky mess into Anoushka’s ass cheeks.

He untied her ankles and then wiped his oily hands thoroughly in Anoushka’s long, blonde hair, using it like a towel, leaving her looking even more desperate and disheveled. The mascara make-up she had used to make herself look attractive had melted and streaked black marks down her pale cheeks, mingling with her tears.

She was a sorry mess, but long past caring now. Whatever happened to her, she was in the hands of a Master who could inflict enormous pain and produce exquisite pleasure. She was completely in his power.

Magnolia inwardly shuddered at this display of master-ship, the physical and mental power this man wielded. It was with a little trepidation that she realized Mr. X was now turning his attentions to her. He had released Anoushka from the horse and left her as a heap on the floor. He walked round the horse and was standing close to Magnolia, his excited breathing and stiffly-erect cock sending heat waves through her body.

His hands began to fondle her systematically, expertly, not violently. Smoothly he removed her blouse and cupped his massive fingers around her tits, murmuring sounds of appreciation. Her tits were luxuriously rounded and firm, large brown nipples crowning them in velvety glory.

The removal of her skirt and panties followed. Although she stood at almost six feet on her bare soles, he easily matched her in height. His muscular and hairy arms entwined around her, drawing her into him so that she felt his massive cock bulging against her ass-cheeks.

His fleshy lips enclosed over hers, a long, lingering, wet, lurid and solid kiss.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you. What a magnificent body you have”, he mused. “But that will have to wait till later.”

He let her go and moved towards Anoushka still sprawled on the floor, motionless but with her large, pale blue eyes focused on her tormentor, on his bulging, burgeoning cock.

He yanked her to her feet by her hair and motioned her towards a chair in the corner.

“Pull up another chair” he ordered Magnolia. “I’m going to smoke a cigarette”. He sat down with his thighs wide open, displaying the enormity of his cock. With a commanding finger he motioned Anoushka down on her knees, clamped a heavy hand to the back of her head and pushed her face down onto his cock.

“Lick my balls and my cock. I want them cleaned up”.

Magnolia gave him a cigarette and lit it and sat down next to him.

Faced by the menacing proportions of the dark and meaty cock trussed against her lips, Anoushka had baulked at the prospect of putting the chunky wad in her mouth. Sheepishly she was licking the edges of his massive cock-head with her petite, pink tongue, her pale and frightened eyes calculating the prospect of the stash being forced into her mouth.

The ape-man grimaced, a glint of cruelty again playing over his lips. He gripped the Russian girl’s blonde hair and raised her face towards his.

“You’re frightened of it you stupid little bitch. Have you never tasted a manly cock before?”

Gripping her hair firmly with his left hand, he delivered a volley of short and sharp slaps with his right hand on her inner thighs, turning the pale, white skin into a reddish-purple patchwork of pain. With a sudden ferocity of movement he forced a finger up her cunt, slammed her face into his ball sac and furiously pounded her pussy with a sustained delivery of probes deep inside her pink cunt meat, shackl
ing her movements with his grip but watching her thighs gyrate in pain over his vicious finger movements.

Magnolia intervened to spare
her more pain. Gently she grabbed his wrist and eased his finger out of the pink pussy folds.

“She has to be taught how to do it Master” she said soothingly. “This is probably the first large cock she has ever experienced, the first man-size cock. Let me show her how to deal with it.”

He let the Russian girl slip out of his grasp so that she sprawled at his feet but he still kicked her thin rump to motion to her to watch what was happening.

Magnolia went down on him with all the expertise of her years. Her hand firmly secured his ball sac, her thumb pressing firmly into the base of his rod so that it held erect, looking more menacing then ever. Her tongue, wet and slimy with the spittle she had summoned, flicked expertly over the length and breadth, coating the surface with a slippery liquid sheen that she kneaded into the taut meat slash.

Pursing her fleshy, red lips she enveloped the head into her mouth and with suave expertise continued to slide down the expanse, taking the cock fully into her mouth until her lips brushed the width of the base.

The Master moaned his pleasure and opened his thighs to their widest dimensions so as to experience the maximum pleasure of the lips and tongue working his meat. Magnolia gagged and ejected a stream of spittle over the flesh, simultaneously sucking up the mess and working it back into the meat.

Anoushka watched this technique, quite sure she could never match this exhibition of sexual stimulation.

“Let me give it to her again” he moaned. “She has to be made to take it”.

Anoushka did her best, taking the head between her thin and quivering lips, coughing and spluttering so that icicles of spittle dangled from her mouth and danced over the pulsating throbbing of the distended cock.

Mr. X focused his attention on Magnolia, his hands working on the nakedness of the curvature of her fleshy body, relishing the building tension between his loins as he pictured himself fucking this filthy and seasoned whore. The Russian girl slobbering and blubbering over his cock began to give him sensations as she put her heart and soul into her task, fearful of a sharp slap or more caning.

Her mind had registered fully her position. Non-compliance resulted in pain. Compliance eased that pain and transcended to become almost pleasurable as she felt she was on the point of climax again. The Master and submissive-slave relationship had been fully established. This man could do whatever he wanted with her, held her between life and death in his balance. She had heard about masterful men before. Now she knew why and how they existed.

Mr. X was moaning heavily. The girl’s fragile mouth working vehemently on his cock was having its effect. His muscular fingers were ravaging Magnolia’s full body, lovingly – if violently – fondling the smoothness of her curvature and the velvet quality of her rich, brown nipples. The wet and slushy cavity between Magnolia’s thighs was simply divine to his touch.

Magnolia was an experienced bitch, so experienced that although whores did not normally experience pleasure with their clients, she had schooled herself to relax, enabling her to enjoy her own pleasant sensations.

She felt she had tamed and subdued Mr. X.

How wrong she was. He still had a lot of violence to ease out of his system. He pushed Magnolia aside and shoved Anoushka off his cock. Clamping gorilla-like fingers around the Russian girl’s neck and still sitting firmly on the chair, he lifted her off her knees and straddled her face down over his knees.

The girl’s delicate bum had bruised badly into purple patches of pain, criss-crossed by the thin slashes inflicted with the cane. His fingers bemusedly traced the cuts, once more opening the bloody wounds, causing Anoushka to squeal with pain. He oiled one of his middle fingers and began the erotic massage the puckered skin around her tight, little asshole, edging his finger tip gradually into the cavity.

The girl kicked out furiously with her legs as she felt the sharp intrusion but he held her firmly and continued to edge his finger into the tight hole. She hollered with pain but the sounds of her anguish made him smirk even more broadly. Sparing her more pain, he fished out his finger and firmly clasped her clit, beginning to rub it furiously, manipulating her oozing liquid over her labia lips.

Before she could climax he withdrew his massaging fingers and left her suspended but highly emotional. He motioned Magnolia over.

“You finish her off. You make her cum”.

Magnolia stood over the exhausted subject and pinned her labia lips wide open so that Anoushka’s red and bruised clitoris was prominently extended and then with skilful fingers she began a circular rubbing motion, systematically grinding the clit and showering heated sensations throughout the Russian girl’s bruised and pounded body which, summoning a few final ounces of strength was rising to meet Magnolia’s grinding clit movements.

“You see” said Mr. X triumphantly “despite all the pain and humiliation, this bitch still wants her pleasure. That is how the human psyche works. That is the secret of absolute control”.

His attention had turned to Magnolia’s body contours which he was feverishly and rapaciously handling. He pushed the Russian girl off him like she was a piece of chaff, and stood up erect. His cock was rampantly stiff and Magnolia knew her time had some. He was going to fuck her now and she knew he would fuck her hard.

He motioned her over to a low massage table.

“Get over there – and take her with you. I want her to see from close up how a man should fuck a woman”.

All the while he was fondling his cock, kneading his massive cock-head, feeling the weight and heat of his meat and now having a pressing urgency to get into Magnolia’s full body and release the massive volume of cum that he felt was building.

There was urgency too about his walk as he prodded Magnolia towards the table and roughly pushed her face down and brusquely parted her legs wide open, splaying open her distended labia lips of pink folds of flesh glistening with the sheen of her liquid juices.

His hairy and muscular fingers molded themselves around the curvature of Magnolia’s ass cheeks as he steeled himself with a tension that spread through his hairy body and the rampant poker of fat cock-meat that was now pulsating for action, so much, that it was beginning to hurt and he had to have relief.

He pulled Anoushka’s head down roughly so that her cheeks rested on Magnolia’s ass. He brought his cock in line with her eyes so that the menacing weapon leered over her and then he heavily lowered himself and slid his cock in between Magnolia’s labia lips, thrusting powerfully so that it eased into her wet and slimy folds of pink meat.

Magnolia gasped as she felt the mass of meat thrusting inside her. His hands firmly grasped her shoulder blades, his arched body leaving barely sufficient space for Anoushka’s head as he began to fiercely pound Magnolia’s shuddering body, rippling her ass cheeks and making the Russian girl gasp for breath.

Rhythmically, systematically he thrust and withdrew with powerful strokes, his gigantic cock sliding in and out of Magnolia’s squelching cunt, accompanied by the quickening of his breathing. He grabbed Magnolia’s shoulders more powerfully, positioning her to take the increasing tempo of his pounding. He felt his pre-cum oozing and supplementing the squelching liquid in which his cock was slithering.

His powerful ass muscles began to quiver; his thighs hardened. His cock felt like it was about to explode. He tried to hold off his climax as much as he could, feeling the massive sensations that were now electrifying his distended cock. He saw Anoushka’s eyes, wide open with amazement at this masterly display of sinew and muscle powerfully grinding out every ounce of sexual excitement and depravity.

He could hold his cum no longer. His quivering lips bellowed out a huge and animal-like deep grunt as he felt his s
punk being released by his ball sac. He pulled himself out sharply as his cock ejected a wad of thick and creamy cum over Anoushka’s face and over Magnolia’s quivering bum. As the spurts intensified his massive body collapsed in a heap over Magnolia’s body, leaving Anoushka’s head firmly entrapped between his slumped body and Magnolia’s ass so that spurt after spurt flooded over the Russian’s girl’s face, his powerful ass movements still jerking out the spasms of his delight.

Finally, totally spent he stood erect in his full muscular, hairy frame, his cock still hardy and erected with globules of cum still dangling tantalizingly on his gland.

Pointing to his cock he addressed the Russian girl gruffly.

“Lick off this cum. Lick it off and swallow it”.

She did as bid. Then he made her lick off the streaks of cum from Magnolia’s ass. Finally he scraped off the dollops of cum still plastered over her pale and frightened face and forced the sticky cream into her mouth.

Gallantly she tried to swallow, the look of horror on her face showing her efforts to force the bitter cream down her throat, his clumpy fingers squeezing the final droplets out of his cock-head and wiping them in her hair.

With a smirk of satisfaction he surveyed his handiwork, at the Russian slave a disheveled and shell-shocked specimen of humanity, Magnolia still slumped supine face down after the enormous pounding he had given to her cunt.

Without as much as a “goodbye” he turned on his heels and lumbered out of the dungeon.

Crumpling into a heap, Anoushka slipped to her knees and wept like a little girl, the bitter and pungent taste of his cum still invading her palate.

******************** ********************* ********************
Having showered, Magnolia still could not get out of her mind the ordeal the Russian girl had suffered and which she had made her subject to by choosing her. She was not at fault because if it hadn’t been her it would have been another girl – but she still felt guilty.

She had Anoushka brought to her. The girl had bathed and cleaned herself up but she was still a total wreck. Her ass cheeks and full body were so cut and bruised her skin could only support a very thin cotton frock. She was a pathetic sight and Magnolia, brazen and hardened whore as she was, felt her heart go out to the girl.

Over the next three days she nursed Anoushka back to normal mental and physical health, gently bathing her bruises and carefully applying soothing creams and moisturizers with her skilful and experienced hands. She supervised her movements and whereabouts throughout the day, sitting with her during meal times, preparing foam baths for her and generally helping her to relax.

Most importantly she had also taken her into her bed, not for sexual reasons, but to give the girl alliance and restore her confidence in humanity. Cuddled up, they exchanged body heat and spoke intimacies, about Anoushka’s wretched life in Russia and how she had escaped with great hopes of a brighter future but instead had finished up as a novice in a brothel.

Magnolia gently stroked her light blonde curls, feeling the nakedness of the pale and slim body that had now entrusted itself to her – and she felt stirrings that had long lain dormant in her background. As a young hooker she had had several sexual relationships with older hookers, seeking refreshing change from the sordid world of men’s fumbling and groping, pursuing an alternative route to moments of stolen and illicit pleasure.

Now she felt the passion surging back into her veins. Their lips entwined in a long and passionate kiss as her hot fingers stroked the girl’s erect nipples. Anoushka’s body relaxed as she totally surrendered herself to the glowing heat permeating Magnolia’s body.

Over the next three days their intimacy deepened and developed into day-and-night pleasures of companionship, togetherness and prolonged sexual pleasure as Anoushka successfully began to put the grim experience of recent days behind her. Magnolia’s mind began to fashion a future in which she could keep the Russian girl to herself. She was an aging diva now without hopes of ever settling down in a normal relationship of love with another man.

Anoushka was the sweet, innocent partner she felt would secure her future for the next few years. After that…well, it was too far away to plan.

It took just one out call to shatter all that. They were breakfasting when her mobile rang. As she heard the terse instructions sharply reaching her ear her face flushed and she felt faint. She stood up abruptly, knocking over her chair and lunged into an adjacent room, slamming the door behind her.

She argued, she exhorted and pleaded, but all in vain.

Tino had been on the other end. Tersely he had informed her of shattering news.

“Look baby, our Mr. X has taken a shine to that Russian slut and he’s bought her off me – well, he offered to buy her but I gave her to him. Gotta’ keep him sweet baby. He’ll be sending somebody round for her within the hour. Have her pack her things and be ready”.
Nothing would or could change Tino’s mind. There was no way he was going to risk offending Mr. X. That was final.

“Anyway, she’s only just another slut”, and with that, he clipped off his mobile.

The hour that immediately followed was one that Magnolia would never forget. The Russian girl simply went crazy with rage and had to be restrained, chained and padlocked like a common criminal.

She was led away by the Romanian housekeeper that had been sent to collect her, a vicious and brutish lesbian who had had every emotion beaten, pummeled and gang-raped out of her before she had even turned 16. She had not even the slightest scrap of womanhood inside her body.

Magnolia’s final shattering blow came as Anoushka was being kicked, dragged and beaten into the waiting automobile. Unable to bear the pain no longer she had rushed forward to try and console the distraught, departing girl.

Their eyes met, the Russian girl’s pale blue eyes reddened with crying, screaming and reacting to the blows inflicted on her, blows that were already blemishing the skin that Magnolia had lovingly made clear. Magnolia tried to embrace her, but the girl summoned her final ounce of strength to emit a string of spit that shot out of her red lips and splurged over Magnolia’s face.

“You bastard” screamed Anoushka.

With new found strength she unleashed a kick that caught Magnolia in her stomach and made her gasp for breath.

“I curse you for ever”.

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