Room Service

You just walked in the door after a long hard day of dealing with customers who love to grab the ass of the sexy young server. All you want to do is eat dinner and relax. When you walk in, I’m standing in the doorway of the kitchen wearing an apron and a smile. I walk up to you and take the dry cleaning out of your hands and kiss you passionately. You push me away, feeling to tired and stressed to make love.

I take you by the hand and lead you into the dining room. The table is set with our best china, and sitting there waiting is your favorite meal. I pull out your chair, and pour you a glass of Dom Perignon. You let out a little sigh as I serve your dinner and then I listen intently as you tell me about your day.

Once we finished our three course dinner, I pick you up and carry you into the bathroom, where a hot bubble bath is waiting in our Jacuzzi. The floor is covered with rose petals, and the only illumination is from a dozen lavender scented candles strategically placed around the room.

I put you down on the closed toilet and kneel in front of you. I untie the laces on your sneakers and pull them off. Then I take off your socks giving your feet a short but intense erotic massage. I then reach up and grab the waistband of your bright orange shorts and pantyhose and slide them down your long lean shapley legs and off your body.

You sigh as the lower half or your full body is freed from your work uniform. I stand up and grab your teeshirt and pull it up over your head and off. I lean in and reach behind you to unfasten your bra, while my hands are doing this, I kiss you gently on the lips.

Once your naked, I pick you up and carry you over to the tub and lower you into the warm bubbling water. You close your eyes and let the heat of the water soothe your aching muscles as I turn on some nature music I know you use to relax.

I leave you to soak, while I go and clean up the dinner dishes. Once I’m done cleaning up. I return to the bathroom. You see I have taken off the apron and put on the silk robe you bought me for our first Christmas together. In my hands is your fluffy robe straight from the dryer.

I help you out of the tub, and put the warm robe on your body. Then I pick you up and carry you into our bedroom. There is a warm crackling fire in the fireplace. I sit you down near the fire and hand you another glass of Dom, and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.

As you nibble on the sweet fruit and sip the champagne savoring the way the flavors compliment each other, I take your hairbrush and begin to brush your long flowing silky locks. As I brush your hair, my lips and tongue start to nibble on your long sexy neck, and cute ears. You tilt your head, welcoming my soft kisses and nibbles. You continue to eat desert, but some of the chocolate melts and drips onto your legs and your firm perky breasts.

When I am done brushing your hair, I again pick you up and carry you to our bed. I lay you down and untie your robe. I only expose enough of you to lick off the chocolate that dripped onto your smooth flesh. Once I’ve cleaned you of all the chocolate off you, you roll over and lay on your stomach.

I climb onto the bed and straddle your full body. I pick up some massage oil and begin to rub it into your feet starting with your big toe. I massage each toe one at a time, spending a couple of minutes on each one. I continue to massage your feet moving to the soles and up your legs to the ankles, calves, knees and upper legs, stopping just short of you thighs.

I shift my around so I can start to massage your head and neck. I focus on your temples and mork on them before moving down to your neck. Then I massage your shoulders working out several knots and kinks. Then I begin to massage your back, working slowly but thoroughly down your body.

Eventually I get to your delectable ass. I start to massage in the oil very gently, so gently you can barely feel my hands touching you. I start on the outside of your cheeks, and work my way inward excruciatingly slowly. Finally I am finished massaging your back half. I climb off you and ask you to turn over.

Starting again at your feet, this time I do everything I wasn’t able to reach while you were on your back. I worked my way all the way up your legs avoiding your wetness…

for now…

Once your legs are done I shift to start again with your head, massaging your cheeks and working down to your arms and hands. Each finger gets the same treatment as your toes did earlier. I skip your beautiful breasts, but work on your stomach and hips getting closer and closer but never touching you there.

You are in agnoy from the anticipation, you just want to scream “Touch Me, Damn You” but you know if you do I will slow down even more. You bite your tongue knowing how good it’ll be. My hand finally comes in contact with your neatly trimmed bush. As soon as my hand touches it, your full body shudders, and you cry out involuntarily. I look at you and smile, enjoying your pleasure.

I am finally massaging your body. I put the oil down, and come back carrying two silk neckties and a sleeping mask. You have a worried look on your face. You’re not sure about this. I put them down on the bed and lean over resting my hand at the top of your bush. I whisper into your ear “I know you are afraid, but if you trust me I know you’ll enjoy what I had planned for you. I won’t tie you tight so you will be able to free yourself. Do you trust me?”

You nod your head but I can see the fear in your eye. I take one hand and loosely tie it to one bedpost. You test the restraint and find that the knot will come undone with a good yank. You watch me as I tie your second wrist to the other bedpost. Once your hands are tied I step back, untie my robe and drop it to the floor. You stare at my engorged cock knowing how soon it will fill you.

Once I’m naked, I approach you and pick up the blindfold. A look of panic crosses your face. I smile at your reassuringly and gently kiss you on the lips. While we’re kissing I slip the blindfold over your eyes. I get on the bed with you and you can sense the heat of my hard dick just inches away from you. You try to find it with your mouth, but I keep moving it so you can’t get it. You moan in frustration, knowing it’s so close but out of reach.

I finally let you get your lips around it and you begin to give me one of the best blow-jobs I’ve ever gotten. After less than a minute I pull out of your mouth and you moan in disappointment.

You feel the mattress move as I shift into a new position, and then you feel a pair of lips start to suckle on your erect pink nipple. A hand begins to caress your outer lips. You are so engrossed in the pleasure shooting throughout your body that you don’t notice me next to you, until I whisper in your ear. “Surprise honey. I know you always wanted a threesome, but were scared. Tonight all you have to do is lay there and enjoy.” You moan in excitement and a small orgasm causes your full body to shudder. I ask if you’re okay and you nod your head, to excited to speak.

“Who is it?” You ask.

I tell you “Don’t to worry it’s someone you’ve lusted after for a long time.”

I begin to suck on your other breast while our mystery guest shifted down between your legs and began to kiss and lick your thighs. As I suck on your nipples, you again take my cock into your mouth. A gasp escapes my lips as you suck me deeply. My hand starts to rub your clit as our playmate starts to lick up your leaking juices.

My enlarged dick slips out of your mouth, as you begin to moan. You lose control over your body and begin thrusting your pussy into our guests probing . A massive orgasm makes your whole body shudder and you gasp and scream as your juices gush out of your body. I grab and hold you tight as our guest drinks up every drop of fluid rushing out of your pussy.

When your orgasm finally subsides, I roll you over onto your side. You feel a warm soft body behind you, and the familiar contours of my body in front. As I slide my erect cock easily into your well lubricated pussy you feel a second cock push against your asshole. You quickly realize the cock at your ass is not real, because of the contour. But you can tell it is connected to a person. Both cocks slide into you and vary their thrusting sometimes sliding in and out at the same time sometimes one is going in as the other is pulling out. The depth and timing of the strokes are varied so you never know how deep or when the next one is coming.

You are trying to meet our thrusts, but never now when the next one is coming. After several minutes of this torment we begin to thrust the cocks deeply into your full body. You feel hands on your breasts, and fingers playing with your clit. The sensations are overwhelming, orgasm after orgasm makes you shudder and moan in ecstasy. After several minutes of having two hard cocks thrusting into your body you feel my dick start to expand inside you. You feel as if you can’t hold any more cock inside of you. Just as you feel like you are about to explode, I do. You feel cum shooting deep inside your body, bringing you to the biggest happy ending of the night so far.

I withdraw my flaccid dick and you feel the cock slide out of your ass and a mouth licking the depths of your pussy clean. You shudder through another orgasm. Once your pussy is thoroughly licked clean, you suddenly feel alone. No one is touching you. You strain your senses for the slightest hint that you are not alone. After a few seconds you start to get scared. Just as you are about to release yourself from the restraints you feel someone lying on the bed next to you.

You feel the ties being removed from your wrists, and I whisper in your ear are you ready to see who it was. You nod yes, and I tell you to close your eyes. I remove the blindfold and help you sit up. I turn your head a bit and tell you to open your eyes.

The first thing you see, is the sexiest pussy you have ever seen close up. You take a tentative lick, and the person attached to it shudders in delight. She turns her head toward you. You let out a surprised gasp when you see it is Chris, our hot 18 year old neighbor you have been lusting after for the last two years.

She smiles at you and says she has wanted to be your lover since you meet, but she wasn’t sure if you were into girls. You grab her hips and pull her into your mouth drinking her juices like someone lost in a desert. While you are eating her I Just sit back and watch knowing this will be a long night and I want to enjoy it all.

Chris pushes you back onto the bed with her thighs so the 2 of you collapse and end up with your mouths glued to each others pussies. I move close and start to play with both sets of tits. I also start to nibble on her ass and slip my fingers into her pussy. I feel how wet she is and I reach my other hand around so I am rubbing your clit too. I occasionally use my tongue on one of you alternating pussies. The smell, feel, and sight of two sexy ladies, gets my cock growing again. You pull your mouth away from Chris’ pussy and invite our sexy teen neighbor to join you in giving me a blow job. You both get on your knees, and begin to suck on my cock and balls. Your lips and tongues dance over my cock and balls and occasionally slip into each others mouths. The two of you are using one hand each on my cock and balls and the other on each other grabbing tits and fingering pussies.

Once I am fully erect you push me down onto the bed and hold my cock in your hand offering it to our young neighbor. She nods her thanks and Chris climbs onto my full body placing getting into the cowboy position. You guide my cock into her tight young pussy. She gasps as my large cock fills her to overflowing. Once my cock in enveloped in her wetness you lick and suck my balls until we get a good rhythm going. You move your body to sit on my face and I begin to eat you out. You and Chris begin to fondle each others tits and kiss each other. We continue enjoying each other like this for several minutes. Chris says she wants to see me spray cum all over your tits. We both agree and I continue to pump her juicy pussy while licking your hot pussy.

I start to feel my orgasm building, so I gently push you off my mouth and tell you to lay down. Chris climbs off my cock and I position myself to spray my hot load on your heaving breasts. Chris starts to suck and jerk on my dick and you play with my balls and finger my asshole. My full body tenses and I let out an animalistic growl. As the growl turns into a full out roar, my dick begins to spray hot white cum all over your sexy tits. As soon as my last shot lands squarely on your right nipple, Chris releases my shrinking member and leans down to kiss you pushing her tits into your cum covered tits. She kisses you and then lowers her head to your chest and begins licking my cum off you. You roll her onto her side and begin to lick her chest clean. Once both of your tits are cum free and glistening from saliva you say that its not fair that you’re the only one who didn’t get to fuck someone.

I get the strap-on that Chris pounded your ass with and clean it quickly. You fasten it around your body, and Chris drops to her knees and begins to deep throat it. Once the dildo is well lubed she turns and bends over giving you the option of her sweet pussy or tight ass. You slam it into her well lubed pussy hard you let out a surprised yelp. The dildo has a clit tickler so every time you thrust in it brushes against your clit. You slam it into her pussy until you see she is one the verge of her first happy end.

You pull the faux cock out of her pussy and slam it into her ass. I am now standing behind you and I am pushing my once again hard cock into your ass. I match you stroke for stroke enhancing the sensation on your clit. We keep banging into the ass harder and harder until none of us can take anymore.

Chris screams loud and collapses to her knees, the dildo half in half out of her ass. I ram my cock deep into you one more time, and shoot a stream of cum into your well fucked ass. This sets off your happy end and you scream in ecstasy. You collapse next to Chris, and I stand over you, my cock dripping the last vestige of cum and a sated smile on my face.

All three of us are exhausted, so we go to the large shower in our bathroom and gently wash and dry each other and return to our well used bed. We all collapse in a heap and start to fall asleep. As we’re drifting off Chris asks if she can move in, since it’s closer to her college than her parents house, and more fun. We agree, and the last thing you hear is I love you my beautiful darling. Finally you slip into a well deserved sex coma.

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