Taxis, Hookers, And Heaven

Saturday Evening

There was still something like three hours time left to ride around, according to Gabby. We were both fucked out by then. Of course the only things we could think of was to ride up toward Kenosha at the pier and marina there.

Gabby said he should stay in Illinois so headed back toward town. It was getting dark so looking in cabs wasn’t gonna be possible soon. Gabby said he still had a few surprises. It’s Saturday night and the hookers would be out. What if I stop and give a few a free ride if they want one?

We both seemed puzzled but we were both naked again, maybe fucking. I mentioned something about those whores might want to sell me some pussy but I’ve already had more than I can handle today. Dollie told Gabby as long as they leave her alone she doesn’t care if they ride along. It might be fun.

I’d say we were on the shady side of this religious town. Several street corners had pretty young women decorating them with semi clad bodies. We didn’t expect this here. Gabby passed several corners then pulled up with all the windows down next to a group of ‘working girls.’

It was sort of comical. Pretty young girls wearing tiny skirts and boob showing tops staring in a cab with a naked couple. I have no idea what any of them said but they seemed surprised and happy. Gabby asked them if any needed a free cab ride.

At least half dozen grabbed the doors and said “hell yes.”

Gabby said something like “only room for two. First in gets a ride across town and back free.”

Two skinny little white girls climbed in, one on each side of us. Before the cab left the curb both girls were working on me and Dollie. I knew Dollie didn’t like it, but we were both being masturbated by 20 to 30 year old prostitutes. Dollie wasn’t complaining!

Again, time stood still as we spent time riding in a taxi cab in heaven. The girls asked how much we were gonna pay them. I think I said it first, then Dollie.

“How much are you gonna pay us?”

Nothing more was said about money. The girl masturbating me gave me a blow job and in a short time I could no longer hold back. I’d done pretty well on those two days of taxi cab sex not shooting too soon.

The little prostitute could feel my cock swell but didn’t stop or loose a drop! She sucked and sucked until I was barely draining anymore. When she finally pulled it out of her mouth the other girl laid over Dollie’s naked body and gave me another blow job.

Dollie’s tits were rubbing on the girl’s back. Dollie was rubbing those hard tits back and forth on that gal, keeping them both excited.

This time I lasted much longer and didn’t expect to cum anymore. But eventually I shot another small load down her throat. I reminded Dollie that this is how you do it. Dollie could never take it when I ejaculated. She’d choke and get sick.

After the second cocksucker sat up they started talking about which gal I was going to fuck first. I explained I’d love to fuck them both but we’d had two full days of wild sex and I was all fucked out. They were bitching and complaining they’d sucked my cock for nothing. Gabby returned to the street corner where he picked them up. It was goodbye to them and thank you.

Several more young hookers wanted a free ride but Gabby told them no. I figured this game was over. We were wrong. Gabby cruised the neighborhoods until he saw several more older hookers standing around in groups.

“How about picking up some mature ladies this time?” Gabby asked.

One group of ladies appeared to be middle aged and full figured. I was liking what I saw. I asked Dollie what she thought about picking up two more whores to see if I might get another cocksucker. Since oral sex was not one of Dollie’s specialties she told me to enjoy myself.

Gabby circled around to the older women and, again offered free rides to any two to take care of his horny passengers. He told them no money will change hands and the ride is free. All of that small group offered to go for a ride to entertain us.

The two women that got in the cab had to be in their mid-50’s or older. Keep in mind I was 32 and Dollie 30 at that time. Those women were much older than us or they’d been ridden hard and long. Yet they were well built, sort of on the stocky and curvy side. All of the meat in the right places. They giggled seeing two naked people sitting in the back seat.

I’m sure they both wore revealing clothing but they were soon as naked as we were. These more mature ladies had titties as big or larger than Dollie’s. But they were the soft and hanging type I loved. I was grabbing big tits and rubbing body parts in no time as they fought over who was going to masturbate me first.

They sort of took turns and eventually one was jacking me off as the other sucked the head of my prick. There was no way in hell I was going to shoot semen again.

Apparently they were getting mad because they screamed at me to “cum dammit.”

I explained that two younger girls had just sucked me dry and I’ve been in that cab fucking my wife all day long. They shocked and surprised both me and Dollie. They forgot about me and turned to finger Dollie and feel up her titties. Again they complained, saying those big tits are too hard to play with.

Each started sucking and chewing on Dollie’s nipples. Dollie was obviously cumming repeatedly. This caused one of the gals to go down on Dollie. She attempt to lick Dollie’s pussy.

Not something Dollie has had happen and it wasn’t gonna happen then. Dollie put her legs tightly together and yelled “no!”

I really didn’t blame the women. They asked Gabby the cabby to take them back to where he’d picked them up. By this time it was late and we asked to go back to the hotel.

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