Trevor, the masseuse guy for my wife

One night after a passionate session of love making I thought to myself that I would love to give her more. After carefully thinking of a plan I came up with the idea of call out Trevor. I wanted to bring her to a nice hotel that had all services, Jacuzzi, bar, a big fancy bed and a public pool to play in. So one day after a nice lunch with her I decide to go for it, I gave Trevor an outcall and it said; meet me at the Hilton at around 7 pm that evening and to have worked out before showing up to be ripped for her.

After the lunch I brought Jasta out for a little pampering to a local salon to get her nails done along with a nice erotic massage from a buff male masseuse to get her rouled up for the night that she did not yet know about. After the salon we went out to a lingerie and bikini shop were she needed to get a few things.

When we left she wanted to go and see an afternoon show at the movies. She had taken me to see some horror film that actually surprised me because I knew that she hated these films and I just went with it. Soon after she gets down on the floor and sitting there puzzled and non expecting she goes down on me throughout half the show, wow I said your real horny today and she looked up at me and whispered oh yes baby I am. The movie then finishes and were off, she had no idea where we were going. I pull up to the hotel and her being surprised I parked the car and bring her in up to our room, open the door and there sat Trevor on the chair with shorts and a muscle shirt with ripping muscles and says to us anyone for a dip and drink.

Jasta looks at me with that huge smile and, I could see those erected nipples and says good thing I just bought a new bikini, So we all got ready for the pool and went down .There was a few other couples but no kids witch was perfect… Jasta then got the nerve to remove her bikini top and started flirting with the both of us sticking her tits in our face. She then kinda pulls me aside to say to me while grabbing my cock thank you baby I really wanted this again and I replied no need to thank just have fun with us. She then starts to look at him with those eyes that say I want sex. He then looks back at her to say I bet those people over there wished they could have you too, Jasta blushing at him says to us lets just go up to the room.

So back to the room we went. Jasta speed walking almost running says for us to hurry up I am so horny. So we roushed to the room were she jumps onto us like a little sinful bad girl kissing and grinding her pussy onto us. She then gets a grip and realises the need to get our clothes off so she can fuck us, she gets on her knees and takes our wet shorts off with her mouth and starts quivering with chills of excitement and then lifts herself to start sucking our erect fleshy meat bulging out at her, holding onto our asses pushing both our cocks at the same time deep into her wet slobbery mouth to the point that she is gagging on them vigorously, but she knows that we love the sound of her gagging mouth so she goes on and on. She then pulls back and looks at me and says to sit over on the chair and don’t move. She gets on the bed in the doggy position and tells Trevor to come over and lick her tight perky ass, Trevor crawls over and begins to do as she says, putting his tongue inside of her little by little making her squirm for his rock hard cock. She is reaching for it between her legs as far as her arm can stretch finally getting it into her hand and says to him while moaning ” put it in my ass” slowly he does and with much pleasure she tells me to get over there beneath her to lick her swelled sensitive clit for she can cum while Trevor was fucking her in the ass. She was moaning so much that she needed to stop us to get some water as her through was dry from moaning so much .

She comes back to the bed where we were lying and looked at us and suddenly pored the bottle of water all over her hot sexy full body then came back onto the bed begging to be licked and teamed by both of us. She got me onto my back and place her wet sexy little ass on my cock and started ridding it pausing for a moment she looks at Trevor and tells him to “put his cock next to mine in side of her wet pussy and do it fast baby”. Jasta starts grinding on my cock and at the same time pushing back onto Trevor’s yelling and cursing fuck ya, that it, that’s what I want, I love your cocks inside my wet pussy. Also saying for us to pound harder, after a while of that rushing feeling she gets up and says lets run the Jacuzzi now I want the jets on my clit while Trevor fuck’s me from behind. So we then go over to the tub and set it all up, the water is pouring in and we can tell that its exciting her even more so she gets me to sit on the edge of the tub to suck on my throbbing waiting cock just waiting to cum. Thinking to myself will we get to cum in her mouth again I really hope so. The water then fills the tub and she gets Trevor to put on the jets. She then slides over to him and starts to French kiss him with each other tongues deep inside there mouths just swallowing one another’s spit as it leaks out of there mouth down there throughts… Jasta then looks back at me and says get ready, not clueing in, she looks at Trev and says to fuck her hard while the jet was pushing on her clit, and he does.

While he was fucking her from behind she was moving her head up and down my cock teasing me with her gagging on my cock really hard. She then looks at me and says I want you to cum now. So she opens her mouth sticks her tongue out forming that erotic shaped bowl that drives me crazy and says “baby fill it, let me feel your happy neding”  and almost instantly I begin to cum filling it up dripping off the side of her face and looks up sinfully and gargles it a little and then swallows it all ending with her standing up to kiss me with her salty wet tongue. She then gets Trevor onto the side of the tub and pulls the plug to drain the water and starts sucking Trevor’s enormous cock, she paused to look at me and said “my turn lie down and eat me while I get Trev to blow his load” it didn’t take long Trevor started cumming all over Jasta’s face and mouth just dripping from her sweet face so aroused that she started to cum herself as Trevor just made it liyng next to me for Jasta can burst out her orgasm while sitting firmly on our faces the both of us are licking her pussy then suddenly a huge gush of cum, piss and whatever else tasty juices cam out of her tight sweet pussy and drenched our faces with pleasure.

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