Unexpectedly Erotic Massage

I’m forever at the spa having beauty treatments like manicures, pedicures, waxing, body wraps etc. as it feels so good to be pampered and to always have my body looking at it’s best.

I’m lucky that I’m quite attractive and I’m slightly taller than average with a slim, toned, balanced figure and fabulous, natural boobs that match my frame perfectly. I’m pretty fit too with smooth, tanned skin and I also have really sexy feet that are soft, sensitive and love to be massaged.

A few months ago at my regular beauty salon I decided to start having full body massages because work has been really stressing me out — as has that wanker of a boyfriend of mine! I’ve had massages previously but a few years ago and I never really got into it. Whereas now, I honestly didn’t realise how incredibly relaxing a proper therapeutic massage could be. I also didn’t expect it to be in the least bit arousing but I was clearly wrong!

I mean don’t get me wrong, having a full body, oily, naked massage before a good fuck is absolute heaven but, when your body is on fire from head to toe with eager anticipation and all you’re thinking about is being fingered and fucked like there’s no tomorrow, then hell yeah it’s arousing!

However, at the spa it’s different because you’re always massaged by a woman and it’s always a somewhat clinical, experience. Plus, as a woman, you’re constantly aware of how you look and you can’t help feeling like you’re being judged by them even if that isn’t true, so you’re always just a bit on edge.

Mostly, of course, they’re just being very professional and doing the job they’ve been trained to do it and it’s a job that you’re paying them for of course. I know they see your body just as a body, not as an actual person, and they want to put what right what isn’t working so well to make you feel better. They want you to relax, just drift off and enjoy the benefits of a good massage which will make you feel great afterwards.

The thing is, I was really enjoying the massages and, to my surprise, I started to realise just how much I love being massaged by a woman. It sounds a bit weird maybe but I found it was starting to seriously turn me on. I don’t know, is that weird?

I mean if a beautiful, fit young girl is running her hands up and down your almost-naked body from head to toe, whose mind wouldn’t start wandering a bit, right?

A couple of days after each massage I was already beginning to look forward going again and I started going not so much for the relaxing, therapeutic benefits but more because I was looking forward to it turning me on again.

During each treatment I’d be lying there thinking all sorts of dirty thoughts about sex generally. I mean even though the masseuse was only doing what she’d been trained to do and was massaging me in a thoroughly professional way, I was fantasising that she was actually teasing me, looking at my body in a sexual way and was wanting to go further.

There’s no doubt I have a great body, even if I say so myself, and I wanted to believe she was really enjoying massaging my smooth, tanned skin, running her hands up and down my toned body, over my breasts teasing my nipples and down into my groin – even though in reality of course I’m covered up and wearing bikini bottoms!

In my mind it was like she felt she had some kind of power over me because her qualifications meant she had special privileges to touch me in those places.

I went one stage further and began believing she was abusing her position to feel her way around my almost-naked body and couldn’t be challenged for almost anything she did on the grounds that it was all part of the treatment and was therefore entirely necessary. It was really quite exciting.

There’s some truth to this in a way because in that situation you naturally do whatever they ask and, of course, you can’t see what they can see. It felt good somehow; different and liberating to be aware of feeling submissive – not like me at all normally! I like to be in control.

It became almost an obsession and within a few weeks I was already going for a massage every week. After another month or so, going once a week wasn’t enough so I started booking two or sometimes three sessions a week as I just couldn’t get enough and how it was making me feel.

My thoughts turned to physical feelings and I began to feel really horny before each appointment. I would make sure my hands and feet were in perfect condition, my entire body exfoliated and my pussy shaved completely even though I knew my masseuse would never see it.

During each massage my thoughts would go on a party and run wild with ideas, presenting me with really dirty, sexual images in my mind. After each massage I’d be so turned on I’d slip on my loose-fitting dress without wearing a bra or knickers and I’d go straight home, strip-off naked, cover my whole body in baby oil again and masturbate furiously. I’d make myself cum four or five times while I was fantasising about what I’d really wanted the masseuse to do to me at the spa.

It was utterly fantastic and became a regular pattern being massaged by each of the girls at the spa. I didn’t mind who massaged me as they were all pretty good looking with great bodies. They must have thought it was more than a bit weird though but I really didn’t care and I always tipped generously so they got to know me well and were always keen to continue massaging me. Nobody ever asked me why I went for so many massages but I was worth a lot of money to them so I suspect they were told not to ask!

This went on for about two months and I was secretly longing for something more to happen especially as it was costing me a fucking fortune! I mean I’m straight, well mostly. I’ve always had a bit of interest in the way girls look and I can’t deny I’ve found it can be quite sexy, just never enough to actually do anything about it. I just think the female body can be so gorgeous and sexy and I absolutely love my own naked body. I love to oil myself-up and explore every part of my body and all the ways that makes me feel.

I definitely couldn’t be a full-on lesbian though as I love a hard cock too much, but gorgeous, tanned, fit women’s bodies are such a turn-on and, when I’m watching porn, I get turned on as much by the women as I do the men.

Anyway, a while ago this new girl, Rosie, started at the spa and she is really lovely. She’s mid-20s, about 5′ 10″, slim, tanned and absolutely gorgeous, I mean properly fucking gorgeous. Her whole demeanour is warm, inviting and just incredibly sexy.

I asked at reception about Rosie and it turned out she specialises in deep tissue massage, so I immediately booked her for my next appointment.

Three weeks on and I’ve had about six massages with Rosie now. It’s all been very professional and above board, she’s polite and friendly and she really does know her stuff. The massages have been amazing.

However, my fantasies have gone utterly wild. She’s all I think about while I’m being massaged and while I’m fucking myself senseless when I get home after each massage. I think about her at work, on the train and always when I’m home alone.

Rosie is absolutely gorgeous. It’s fair to say that my interest in the female form really went to another level with her and I just wanted to fuck her as soon as I saw her. I would imagine myself lying on the massage table with her being naked and kneeling over my face as I sucked her sweet pussy, covering my face in her pussy juice, so the thought of her giving me a full body massage was such a fucking turn on for me.

Suddenly something changed. Rosie came out to greet me in the usual way except she stopped and looked me up and down with a sultry, engaging smile.

We went into her private room and talked about how my treatment was going and whether I felt I was getting what I really needed from a massage, particularly as I was such a frequent visitor.

I was honest and said that my body felt great and the massages gave me a sense of freedom I could never experience anywhere else. I also said that being semi-naked, albeit under a towel, in a non-threatening environment, unlike it feels on a beach sometimes, was wonderful but the towels still felt restrictive.

Rosie smiled and asked me how I would feel about being massaged completely naked. In fact not just naked but without any towels either. She explained how the flow of her hands up and down the length of the body was constantly being interrupted by the towels or the strap of underwear and that being completely naked and fully exposed was a far more liberating experience.

She said it would be the same, full body, deep tissue massage but would require an open and trusting mindset as it was a very different experience that would be definitely be rewarding.

Rosie also said she would not be wearing her normal white coat but she’d wear a bikini as this removes the risk of her clothing touching my body at any point. She would be barefoot too in order to be as natural and free as possible to empathise with me.

OMG seriously?! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

The smile on my face probably said it all and, obviously, I said all this sounded wonderful and would be absolutely fine. I said how delighted I was that she’d asked me, but why had it taken her until now?

Rosie said it’s something she offers privately to only a very few clients whom she feels would really appreciate the experience. She said that she felt a strong connection between us on a deeper level than just client/therapist and that she knows my body so well now that it feels like the right way to progress, but only if I’m completely comfortable with taking the experience to another level.

She also explained this was a private arrangement that the spa knew nothing about so the door would always be locked to prevent any interruption. There was no additional cost for this either.

Rosie was delighted when I agreed to her suggestion – little did she know I was in absolute heaven, especially as it meant she would now get to fully see my breasts and naked pussy which is always completely shaved and I can’t exactly hide my gorgeous pouty pussy lips!

So anyway, she asked me to strip completely naked and left the room while I did so. I laid on my front on the massage table as usual but it did feel really quite odd being in a professional, quite clinical environment and lying on a raised massage table without the usual protection of towels covering me. All the same it felt great and I was nervous and so excited.

As I laid there my mind was already going 100mph and I could feel the blood rushing to my pussy making it tingle. I arched my back slightly, parted my legs and slid my hand under my belly and down to my pussy. My slightly exposed lips felt warm as I cupped them and pressed a finger onto my clit.

I heard Rosie approach the door so I quickly resumed my original position. She entered and locked the door behind her.

Standing beside me Rosie asked if I was ok and comfortable, then she removed her white coat to reveal a very small white bikini. I lifted my head and commented on what a beautiful and toned body she has. She thanked me and asked me to relax and close my eyes if I was ready for her to begin.

Rosie began to cover my back in warm oil and smooth it from my neck to the small of my back and along both sides, brushing my breasts in the process.

She spent ages massaging my back, pouring more oil over the cheeks of my bum and along the back of my legs and feet. I was beginning to understand what she meant by the flow she’d mentioned, as her hands slid from the soles of my feet to my neck, and back again in long, smooth uninterrupted strokes. She would also trace my spine from my the base of my skull, down my neck and back, applying even pressure all the way to the very bottom where the coccyx nestles between my bum cheeks. That last little bit immediately fell quite intimate as her finger slid between my cheeks and rested, with some pressure, just on the edge of my anus.

She paused, then continued down my legs and moved her attention to my feet, lifting each foot off the bed to properly massage them. I have lovely feet and I absolutely love having them massaged as it sends tingles up my entire body. At one point, I had both knees bent so my heels were on the backs of my thighs as she massaged my feet along the instep, under the soles and in between each of my toes.

A couple of times she held each ankle with both hands and lifted my leg up off the bed, moving it to the side slightly and gently pressing my foot back on my thigh to continue massaging my toes. Rosie repeated this each side, two or three times until eventually my legs were quite far apart, still with my knees bent. Then she slid her fingers under my hip and gestured for me to lift my hips so she could slide a rolled-up towel under me just above my pubic bone.

As I lifted my hips I shuffled about to get comfortable with the towel under me and purposely moved my knees further apart so my anus and pussy were more exposed. Jesus I was feeling so fucking horny already, I just wanted her to finger me in both holes there and then!

Rosie laid my feet back down on the bed and poured oil up the backs of my legs and then massaged my thighs from my knees up to my bum, down the outside and down to my knees again, across to the inside and up my inner thigh into my groin and right down the side my pussy lips. She continued up between my cheeks, slowing down slightly and applying a little more pressure as she went over my bare anus.

Oh My God it was so amazing. My pussy was on fire. I really was getting worked up but was trying hard not to show it or to move about too much in response to her pulling on my thighs and lightly teasing my pussy as she massaged my entire body.

Rosie moved round to the top of the bed, placing both hands on my shoulders and sliding them down my back to my bum, leaning right over my head. I was looking down through the hole in the bed, staring at her sexy, tanned bare feet but I lifted and tilted my head sideways so I was staring directly at her lower belly and the triangle of her bikini bottom. I could feel the warmth and sense the aroma of her body. Absolutely gorgeous.

Her hands reached the small of my back and I felt myself push my bum up off the bed against her downward pressure as she slid her fingers between my cheeks and gently pulled them apart before moving to the side and all the way back to my shoulders.

She repeated this four or five times from top to bottom and each time I lifted my bum slightly higher, eventually bending my knees pulling them up to the sides of the bed so I was semi kneeling. This allowed her to spread my cheeks wider and to reach slightly further between my legs, almost touching my pussy and then pulling sideways to fully separate my lips and open up my pussy.

Each time she leaned over my face I breathed in through my nose to smell her scent. It was such an incredible and sensual experience and was making my pussy wet.

Finally Rosie stopped at my shoulders, resting her hands at the base of my neck and I immediately became aware of how heavily I was breathing.

She walked around and removed the rolled-up towel under my hips as I relaxed back into the bed and straightened my legs out.

Rosie asked me to turn over and put a small pillow under my head. My breathing was quite heavy and she placed her hand on my chest and asked if I was ok. I smiled and said “fantastic”. She just smiled.

Now standing beside me and with one hand on my chest, she placed the other hand flat on my pubic mound so her little finger was just resting on my clit, and said “think beautiful thoughts, take a long, deep breath and just relax”.

Warm oil was drizzled all over my upper body and Rosie began to massage my chest. She spent ages properly massaging my breasts, really teasing my nipples. They were like bullets and she kept rubbing them and lightly pinching them, it was so lovely.

Then as she moved down my belly and just to either side of my mound she would continually glide past my pussy but never quite touched it. She just pulled back enough as she went up over my pubic bone so I could feel my clit tugging slightly and really tingling.

As she continued down each thigh, over my knees and down my shins, stopping to massage my feet and toes again, she would gently lift my legs and gradually move them wider apart until my knees were slightly bent and my feet were actually hanging off either edge of the massage table.

This meant she could easily massage the entire length of my legs, from the tips of my toes, right up my inner thighs and directly into my groin. My inner pussy lips are very obvious and, with my knees bent and legs wide apart, they were in full glorious view. It felt so amazing to be so exposed and feel so abandoned. Rosie was absolutely right about how liberating this would feel.

She continued to repeat the process of massaging my feet and legs, past my pussy, up over my belly to my chest and shoulders and down each arm to my hands, for probably ten minutes. With each full length stroke of my entire body she would brush her fingers into my groin just lightly touching each side of my pussy lips, just pausing slightly at my clit each time before continuing.

Standing at my side she slid one hand under the small of my back so I lifted myself off the bed while she slid a piece of foam under my bum. Then walking to the end of the bed Rosie gently lifted both feet together on the bed and gestured for me to bring my bent, open knees up and together. She put her arm under my knees and lifted both legs, tucking my feet in towards my bum so my feet were now flat on the bed, knees together.

She then placed a small folded towel on either side of my legs and gently laid my bent legs down sideways, resting on the towels, so my legs were again spread wide apart with the soles of my feet together. With the foam under my bum my legs were so wide apart that my pussy was forced up and I could feel the folds of my pussy lips gently parting.

Honestly, if felt so fucking amazing completely exposing my pussy like that to a total stranger. I could feel the sexual tension rising in me again and my pussy was tingling.

Rosie continued to massage me, pouring more warm oil the length of my body and she maintained contact the entire time, never once letting her hands leave my body.

She was starting to spend more time on my lower belly, inner thighs and around my pussy now that she had such easy access to it.

She massaged all over and around my thighs and over my mound, sliding a finger up and down the groove between my inner and outer pussy lips, right up to top but never quite actually touching my clit.

She would use her thumb to massage that sensitive little strip between the bottom of my pussy and my anus, the perineum, circling around my anus and applying gentle pressure to the opening. At one point she used her other hand to lift my leg and push my knee right back into my chest. This pulled my cheeks wider apart and slightly pulled on my anus. She caressed the entrance with more oil, gently teasing just inside with her finger tip before lowering leg and massaging all over my thighs and pussy again.

Rosie then moved round to the foot of the table and leant forwards between my wide open thighs sliding her hand right up into my groin and across my pussy. Then she would apply pressure to my thighs and pull slowly sideways with both hands, lightly digging her short nails into a my thighs as she pulled sideways and watching as my pussy lips opened-up completely, then holding it there at she stared intently into my pink, wet pussy.

Rosie repeated it, all the way back down to massage my feet and toes, and all the way back to my pussy, sometimes lightly brushing over my now-exposed clit too before pulling my pussy lips wide apart again.

When I’m turned on my pussy gets quite wet and, with all this activity and stimulation, I could feel my juices trickling out out and down over my anus. I was beginning to squirm about now, finding it impossible to hide how this was making me feel. I lifted my hips off the bed against her downward pressure but it never stopped her movements and she never quite looked me in the eye.

My arms were stretched out above my head, my legs spread wide apart, feet together. I was absolutely covered in oil and feeling completely exposed; it was as close to being fucked by a woman as you can possibly imagine.

I was absolutely gagging for her to push her fingers deep inside me, properly deeply finger-fucking my pussy with two or three fingers. God I soooo wanted to cum. I needed to cum and I wanted her to slide a finger deep into my anus too while she fingered my pussy and massaged my clit. I was in serious fantasy mode.

I closed my eyes and was imagining her squatting over my face grinding her sweet pussy into my mouth while she fingered my pussy and made me cum over and over again.

Sadly it was only my imagination and nothing of the sort happened.

However, as Rosie moved to my side and brought the erotic massage to an end, she placed one hand between my breasts and with my legs still wide apart, she cupped my pussy with the other hand, pressing down firmly onto my clit with the heel of her hand. She let her index finger rest between my cheeks and then just very slightly pushing the tip of her finger into my anus first just the tip, then further until she was inside up to the second knuckle. I breathed in sharply and she sank her first finger slowly and deeply into my aching, wet pussy and I could hold back no more. There was no furious deep finger fucking, just calm, gentle teasing that tipped me over the edge and my body twitched, I felt my hips raise and I reached a fantastic orgasm that I didn’t want to end.

Rosie waited for my breathing to slow and for me to calm down before saying;

“I really hope you enjoyed your treatment and I hope to see you again very soon for a longer, deeper, more intense massage”.

She then turned and walked out of the room leaving me a quivering, panting heap who’s body had been caressed and teased to the peak of an amazing orgasm, the type of happy ending which I had never experienced before.

Needless to say, I continued to see Rosie for about three months, enjoying many long, deep, sensual erotic massages. The attention she paid to my pussy and anus intensified and her long slender fingers found their way deep inside me, time and time again, bringing me to the most intense orgasms.

The next time I went to the salon I discovered Rosie had left. She gave no reason and made no attempt to contact me. I was desperately disappointed. I miss her services.

Hopefully one day I will catch-up with Rosie again so that we can continue what we started.

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