Unfulfilled Happy End

I’m a 53 year old married man who has lived a very conventional life in all things: middle of the road politically, married to the same woman for 30 years, and I’ve never cheated.

I have always carried stress in my neck and back, but never sought treatment, until a few years ago when my wife suggested I see a masseuse. I was resistant because it’s not the kind of thing I do, and I didn’t want to be a guy at a ladies spa. After thinking about it for months I finally gave in and visited a massage clinic that catered to men and women.

I was a little nervous, and wondered if I was incorrect to ask for a woman; but the thought of a man rubbing on me just felt wrong. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but a slightly plump young brunette in warm up clothes was not it; I guess I was expecting something a little exotic (I still like the idea of a petite Asian masseuse). She could tell I was nervous, and told me to undress and leave my boxers on and climb under the sheet.

I was obviously uptight, as she must have told me 5 times to relax. When I finally did, it was amazing. What a revelation! It was probably an average massage, but it was magical to me. My masseuse worked all of the knots out of my neck muscles and relaxed my lower back. As I turned over, I had the most embarrassing reaction! I developed a hard-on when she worked my thighs. She pretended not to notice, and I shifted my full body to try and hide it from her. Neither she nor I mentioned it, but I couldn’t forget it. I tipped her too generously, and got her card.

I thought about the massage and my masseuse constantly for the next month. I thought of her while I was working, exercising, even when having sex. I wore myself out masturbating to her remembered image and touch. I waited as long as I could, and call out back about a month later, but to my surprise, she no longer worked there.

Disappointed, I asked for a woman, who turned out to be a delightful young blond. I told her of the same problems as my first massage, and she told me to undress and climb under the sheet. She didn’t mention leaving on my boxers, so I didn’t. She was a talker, and I found her very easy to relate to. Her technique was substantially different than my first masseuse, so I asked her about it. She laughed and grabbed my ass under the sheet and said her hands just went wherever they wanted. I gasped when she did it, and she laughed at me and called me a prude. Well, you can imagine the effect that had on me! When I turned over, my dick was already hard and throbbing. I was anticipating her touch, and I quivered when she massaged my legs. She massaged my upper thighs, but never touched my cock. Maybe I should have asked her, maybe I should have shifted my hips towards her, but I didn’t.

When she finished, it took me an inordinate length of time to get dressed, as I had to wait for my hard-on to subside. I paid and tipped her, but went home wanting more.

Over the next two years, I’ve had numerous massages, and have changed parlors a couple of times, searching for the masseuse who will take me over the edge. I’ve had old, young, black, white, and Hispanic masseuses, but never one who would give me release. I’ve nearly always had an erection during the massage, but I’ve never had the guts to ask for a happy ending (See! I’ve learned the lingo since my first massage).

Also during this time, I’ve begun to investigate the nature of my excitement at being naked and under the control of the masseuse. I’d never heard of CFNM before, but I realized I was aroused by the concept and the reality. My biggest problem is that I am subservient to the women, and I cannot bring myself to tell them what I want.

Recently, I read a listing in Craigslist for a masseuse who offered in-call at her house. Her ads said she worked the abdominals and glutes that most won’t. It sounded erotic to me, so I callout up Monica, and made an appointment. I was at first disappointed, as she instructed me to leave my boxers on, but that soon changed; it was the best erotic massage I’ve ever gotten. She is quite strong, and her strokes were quite deep and soothing. She almost immediately pushed the drape aside and worked me over. The abdominal massage was absolutely electric! My cock was hard and pulsing when she finished. She brushed her forearms over my cock a couple of times, and it leapt to attention each time. I knew this was it! I would finally get that release I had been waiting for. But she soon said turn over, and I’ll get your back! She was true to her word, and worked my glutes over thoroughly, but once again I was left wanting more.

One month later, almost to the day, I made another appointment to see Monica again. To my excitement, she told me to get completely undressed and she left the tiniest hand towel on the table as my drape. After knocking to re-enter the room, she almost immediately pushed the towel aside and looked at my semi-hard cock. It again leapt to attention, but once again she performed my massage and never touched my cock. Her strokes when she rubbed my abdomen came amazing close to my cock head, but she never touched it! I knew she was playing me, but I still couldn’t bring myself to ask her to please me. My sexual frustration was palpable. As I left, my full body was convulsing and my hands and arms were shaking with need.

Well, it’s another month later and I’ve just out call Monica for another appointment, and I can’t wait to see what her services will be . I have great hope that this time is the time.

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